Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Yeah i always water till 10% to 20 % max runoff and always check ph is 6.5… only checked ppm a few times in veg and was always like 600 or whatever i put in @BIGE


This is second time when this question comes in my mind… So this is it
To much perlite will not make soil - soilless?
I hope you understand
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Sorry for hijacking this thread @Dr.DankThumb420 :joy:


Indeed @M4ur, if the soil is too aerated, it will made the water runoff more faster and by the same time made the medium dry faster, the purpose of perlite.

Too much perlite or any aerated amendement to a soil make it a soiless one. More than 25 to 30 %.

The pH should be around 6.1, however, if he do not have problem, he should be ok, the plant will tell if she is happy :wink::grinning:

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thank you for chiming in AL and @M4ur !


Thx a lot @Niala that is what I expected to hear :grin:
It’s just a heads up @BIGE to not use to much perlite. So now the pH need to be lower I guess @Dr.DankThumb420 :smirk:


i’ll note this, thanks guys!


My clones started to do that and were a lighter green when I transplanted…I gave them straight water then waterered with a full dose of nutes then next 2 waterings with just cal-mag plus from Batonicare its 2-0-0 npk it took about 2 weeks and they are pulling out of it the 3 ptw and the 1 GDP pulled out of it and are just fine and the other 4 bagseed plants are getting better all new growth looks good 2 are still a little droopy but are looking better each day…I’m suspecting a little salt build up when they were in cups now that they are transplanted and the roots are stretching into the fresh pro-mix hp and are happy now…the cal-mag definitely helped out a little I would think…a few of my ones that went into 7 gal were doing the same and all but 1 has pulled out of it 1 purple haze is still a lighter green than desired…I’ll give her 1 more dose of cal-mag and she should darken up to a healthy green like the others…they are all due for a feeding also… @Dr.DankThumb420


I have surf your topic @Dr.DankThumb420, you have pretty big and beautiful ladies :heart_eyes:… Great job :+1::ok_hand:. …

Now, 4.7 EC = 3290 ppm, it’s too much buddy,…

Like @BIGE mentioned, you have a salt build up and you’re going to have problem, sooner or later, if it’s not already the case… You probably have a nutrient lock out situation (slowing in growth that you have notice :wink:)

A flush in due form will be needed, if it’s possible for you to do it since they are pretty large big fellow you have there, lol, :wink:

Otherwise, a only water regimen will do the job with 25% of runoff or more if it’s faisable for you, for a couple of watering schedule (2 to 4) until the EC/ppm have lowered around 1.43 EC/1000 ppm , 1.79 EC/1250 ppm.

The build up is most probably due to pH related problem, try too low it around 6.1;6.3… You may have too much perlite to consider and treat your medium as a soil.

At EC 3.6 or 2500 ppm I usually flush.

In hope that’s gone a help you Dr.Dank…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks for all the info… when i mixed the soil i did a big batch of like 100 gallons so i had just threw in a bunch of chunky perlite and mixed it. I had used more roots 707 soil then the soiless promix with hp so i have been watering at 6.5 … when i water it doesnt come out the bottom until they get about 2 gallons and it takes like 5 minutes so i dont think they are too aerated, and the soil takes about 4-5 days to dry… so im gonna be flushing them all to normal ppms then start back at half strength… they all have 7, 2 inch holes in the bottom of pot.
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Plants looked fine, same as they were before feeding. Im probably gonna lower ph to 6.3 as recomended by nutes
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The smaller gorilla girl



Bud shot on queen gorilla



Bud shot on the big gorilla girl. 28 days since transplant and flipping to 12/12.

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Pretty and a long time to go lol


You got it going On! @Dr.DankThumb420 grow is looking awesome


Something like that lol… i turned off the 1000w big girl until i figure out the height issue… the main top is like 12 inches away but that was the other day lol. So the 600 watt mars and 315 sunburst cmh are gonna have too work for now until issue resolved. Might add a 800w king for them as well. These things are trying to hit the roof @WillyJ @BIGE


This girl doubled in sized since full feeding and has been loving life lol. She looks so much fuller after that last feeding