Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


I put ec 2.5 in and 4.7 came back out @BIGE @WillyJ @Nug-bug does this sound right


maybe if you had a salt build up in the bottom of your pot @Dr.DankThumb420
idk better let the pros chime in


I always water until 10%15% runoff… ph is always 6.5 coming out… @BIGE


Wow either she’s not eating what you’ve put in or , did you repot her right before flower??


yea,that above my head @Dr.DankThumb420


Yeah she got repotted and switched to flower on the 8th of december


Yeah ppms came out in the 2500s the ph is 6.5


That’s what happened then. What soil brother


Its a mixture of promix hp and roots 707 that i had reused a few times cut with 40% perlite.


As long as she don’t burn I wouldn’t sweat it.
She’ll be voracious in a few days and gobble all that extra up.
I just wouldn’t put much nitro in , depending on the npk of soil


Soil was blank @Nug-bug hopefully your right. Shes always been a heavy eater and taken whatever abuse ive thrown at her…


Huh??? That’s wild


Well just watch her and if she starts clawing, you know what to do.


With all nutes added up the npk comes out to 6.8 N- 7.5 P-17 K


Yeaah figured… the other girls got same besides the one girl who got plain water… they are big girls i think they should pull through… gave the smaller gorilla and one random about 1.8 gallons each and they didnt spit no runoff… next water everyone gets plain water with 20% runoff… then full nutes again


Mine too E @BIGE


we are learning everyday though!


Yeah, the girl i gave plain water is coming out with a runoff ec of 3.5 or almost 1200 ppm with a ph of 6.5… water was 400 ppm to begin with at all times its ph tap water from filter… ph is 8.0 before mixing nutes… nutes get it down to 6.5


Next water all girls are getting flushed so i can check ppms… they all spit out 6.5 ph tho


i think this is where people fall short @Dr.DankThumb420 realizing they have a problem before it hurts the plant…
good job keeping an eye out on unusual happenings!