Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


@WillyJ what ppms are you feeding at week 1.5 - 2 weeks in flower? My Plants are big so im debating half strength or full strength bloom nutes… they got plain water last water, and quarter strength bloom before that.


i do not @Dr.DankThumb420 i could not help myself and smoked it all up like it was going out of style!
all i have is a stinky ol’jar and the sweet memories i forgot already! lol


Yeah she looked pretty frosty on the few pics i did see. I hope mine are as good @BIGE


have you ever tried GG before?


Yeah ive had plenty of it… give me a lil and ill dig out the picture of the purple gorilla glue #4 i had. It was dark purple like a grape soda can. Only one nug had a lil piece of green out of a 8th. The buds i got the seeds from were highly potent @BIGE


this was my first try and i like it!!
it will be back in my garden soon!
i was impressed with the longevity of high,taste great too!
sticky and stinky just how i like them @Dr.DankThumb420


Yeah im all out of the gorilla glue seeds and might take some clones off her and the other girls for the summer outdoor grow. @BIGE


to bad the clones are not off that purple beauty you described…


Yeah the seeds are not from that particular beauty either. They are from another source of gg#4 from cali. When i had smoked that purple gorilla i was praying for a seed lol @BIGE


my top three strains i’ve grown 1 girl scout cookies 2gorilla glue 3 northern lights
i thought i was a sativa guy at the start but now i’m leaning toward indica strains! lol


Yeah indica for sure… i like to have a mix, 80% indica 20% sativa for night time relaxation, 100% indica for bed time, and 60% sativa 40% indica for day time use so im energized. I like the high from a 80% sativa with a good amount of amber as well… energized but mellow @BIGE


Haven’t checked ppm since using ph perfect nutes but I feed full strength…went full strength from day 1 in flower…I’ll check next feeding and see now I’m curious @Dr.DankThumb420


Hey willy, this girl has curled leave tips but is not excessively dark, Do you think she should get another plain watering ? Or do u think shes hungry? Last water was plain and she came out 6.5 @WillyJ shes also lagging behind in bud production


Sup @BIGE about to feed girls full strength bloom and mammoth p. 1250 ppms. Thinking im gonna give the girl in above post some more plain water


lol,yea i’ve got to go put mine to bed! lol
they have been partying out in the shed all night!


Mine party all night sleep all day lol @BIGE


lolmine too!!
i fed them before bed last night i’m anxious to see what is going on this morning!


Same here, they are getting full dose feeding atm 2.5 ec so well see who liked it. Im sure they all will, they all are 5 plus feet tall @BIGE


mine were shorter because i forced them to flower at a very early age…
as far as space,it was good but next round i’ll let them grow to full potential…


Yeah mine were only vegged for like 4-6 weeks not exactly sure on the count but i was also shooting for very quick veg so i could get them to flower @BIGE