Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


They were topped/ fimmed once. This grow was ment to be fast so i wasnt trying to stress them out to much and wanted to see the difference in lst and free growth.


Ok then, this make sense :joy::+1:
And you can see the difference?


Definitely. I can fit more plants without lst cuz they just grow up. With a ceiling of 10-11 feet i can do most whatever i want lol. But i think the yield is improved when all top canopy is even @M4ur


Some shots of queen gorilla



That’s one tall plant!


Shes almost 5 foot thats why im calling her queen kong lol @70sChick


I had a mystery seed that started out very indica-like… short with very large fan leaves. She grew to be 5 feet tall!! Had to rotate her tallest cola out from under the light :sunglasses:


Well that name fits her! Wowzer! :sunglasses::evergreen_tree:


Next time you should tie those girls down… you will get a bigger yield and better quality medicine… you have alot of wasted light from what i can see … :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


The plant on left of tent and right of tent were super cropped and fimmed. Plant in middle just topped. was just shooting to veg them for a lil then flower as fast as i could. 3 plants barely fit in a 92x48 tent now so i probably wouldnt have been able to tie these girls down like i did with my blue dream. Better to have extra light then not enough :wink::v::sunglasses: @peachfuzz



Bud shot of a top on the queen gorilla



Lower top on gorilla


Another lower gorilla top. These are all just a few days over week one flower coming into week 2


i grew some GG last round and they bulked up quickly like yours and became and stayed firm/hard up to the day i finished her… i sure miss it and it will be in my next rotation @Dr.DankThumb420


Any pics of the finished product @BIGE


Blockquote dr evils hidden laboratory!
look thru here @Dr.DankThumb420


Could only find a few pics of the buds on the plants… any cured product left that u could post a pic of ? @BIGE