Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Everything looking nice and healthy :+1::+1: @Dr.DankThumb420


The other gorilla glue.


Thanks willy


Got the big guns hooked up for this op
1000w in the middle with brand new hps bulb. 315 cmh on the right, 600 watt mars on the left. And i got just the 2 randoms and the king kong gorilla in the tent… the other gorilla is on table with two 800w kings above her cuz the tent was maxed out on space


@Dr.DankThumb420 they are looking very happy and healthy. And the mystery seeds will be a surprise when you smoke them. Take some cuttings in case you really like them.


Thanks. And i sure will. This is the other gorilla glue with her own 2 lights. Took the pictures this morning before lights out
Im probably gonna let her have the 2 lights lol. I have quarantined most of the other plants on account of being hermies. Click picture for full size


@Dr.DankThumb420 great grow man keep up the good work


Just took this picture after watering this morning a few hours before lights out. As you can see she dried out a bit to much and may have a lil too much N and also had got too close too the mars 600 Shell be perky by lights on tonight.


Ms king kong after watering this morning before lights out. Shes a beast can take some abuse, she looks to be budding up well


They all got plain 2 gallons 6.5 ph water, next water they get bumped up to half strength bloom and 5ml mammoth p and 5 teaspoons supre myco tea. Doesnt seem like they are lacking in cal/mag or silica, says best to use when needed so i might just hold off on using them for a few water. Its says to be used on water only days… plus the base nutes have a good amount of everything. I really like these nutes


Other random girl after watering this morning few hours before lights out… shes a twin to her sister, they have the exact same leaf and branch structure. Im guessing yields arent gonna be to far off. She was a lil more happier


woot-woot, them girls will love that @Dr.DankThumb420!!


Awesome mate


Different angle on king kong click to enlarge


Fresh picture of queen kong



Everyones happy


Everyone does look happy and healthy…nice job! @Dr.DankThumb420


Nice @Dr.DankThumb420.
One question friend… Why you don’t training them to stay a little low?


Like i said shes perky again.