Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Yup, im back at it again with some gorilla glue #4 bag seeds. One is about a week or so behind the other 2. I grew one of these bag seeds very quickly 12/12 from seed. Quality was off the charts but was a low yield so hoping for some weight this time around. Next water they get 5.5 ph from now on and their first dose of Supre Mycos tea and some mammoth p. (just been giving them un phd bottled water thats why the leaves are burnt on the tips.)

9-25-17 put 2 gorilla glue #4 in water. They soaked until showing roots on 9-27-17. Planted 9-27-17. Sprouted 9-30-17. 10-3-17 put another seed in water. Soaked until showing roots on 10-5-17. Sprouted 10-8-17. They all are in 89c polar pops styrofoam cups with royal golds tupur coco with chunky perlite mixed in. I plan on letting them go for 4-5 weeks in the cups until 5-6 nodes. Then transplant to 5 gallon buckets for 4-5 weeks veg time and then transplanting to 15 gallons, letting veg another 2 or so weeks to get some extra roots in the bigger pots then flipping to flower. Also Thinking of scroggin 2 and just lst and tie down the other one down.
Temps are good since summer is over, leaving me with a cool 60s lights off and mid 70s lights on and its only getting colder from this point. With a RH of 35 to 50. Eventually gonna have to hook up my 315 Cmh to warm the room up, but as of now they are under a mars hydro 600 watt. Will add the 3 king 800 leds in a few weeks once they hit 5 nodes, followed by the 315 Cmh light.Hoping the temps play along so i can hook the 315 cmh with leds as early as possible to get the biggest thickest plants in veg and the best dense colas in flower. Will be doing weekly picture updates and keeping good track of nutes and water this time around. Hoping for a decent amount of good meds to hold me over till spring and i can try to grow some succesful outdoor meds. They had just got watered about 30 minutes after taking that pic and turning lights on @WillyJ @Majiktoker @M4ur @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Nug-bug


Glad to see you back man ,been a min
Good luck and keep em green


Thanks bro. Kept seeing @WillyJ harvest so he kinda made me want to jump back in the game. Im hoping its a cold winter so i can hook up my double ended dimmable 1000w hps and get some rock hard buds @Nug-bug


Yes sir,sounds good. I’m picking up a 600w hid so I can flower. The 3 300w led did ok but , you know human nature, BIGGER AND BETTER


Yeah, my leds do ok too but i think the high powered hids get better penetration for a much denser bud. But when i mixed hps with led it was good result. Very high quality and dense bud. I have 2 1000w hps so im hoping for a very cold winter so i can hang each 1000w over one plant each then the other plant can get the 3 800w and 1 600w led and the 315 cmh. Im thinking i should get a good yeild if temps stay low and and the plants get big in the 5 gallons before flowering in the 15 gallons, big pots with high powered hids for the two plants, and a mix of led and cmh for the 3rd plant with top of the line nutes @Nug-bug


Hey @Dr.DankThumb420 how you doing? good to see your back👍 little ones look great…


Glad I could help…you where there in the beginning when I first came on here kept me inspired so I’d throw a tag in there for you …you and @Countryboyjvd1971 …anyway glad to see you back :grinning:


Welcome back to some growing @Dr.DankThumb420. Your babies are looking good! :green_heart::seedling:


Thanks willy. Im doin alright. And yourself how have u been ?


Welcome back @Dr.DankThumb420.


Thank you i am off to a good start so far


Thanks its been awhile so i had to jump back in the game


I’m good thanks been busy with everything grow work grow work you know lol


Hey buddy I was curious where you went good to see your doing well


Have an early update for everyone. Getting back on track with the plants ph, just gave them some plain 5.2 ph water and the runoff was 6.1 and the ec was 2.5… tomorrow theyll get some more ph 5.0 water to get them right. First grow in coco so getting the hang of it. Not used to watering so frequent or giving nutes like this.
Plants under the mars 600. Lost one of the hooks for my cmh so will make a new one tomorrow and hang it up.

Runoff was awfully dark

Gonna get them right

@Majiktoker @WillyJ @BIGE @Nug-bug @Tylan @SilentHippie @FreakyDeekie @70sChick @Tr33 @Caosred
And anyone else interested…


Lil bit of a rocky start but I know you’ll bring em back around @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks thats the plan @Nug-bug. I have another 40 seeds germinating atm. Plan on vegging and flowering everything at once so i can pick out males. They are regular seeds, 11 acapulco gold, 1 dreamers dream, 28 unknown. Should be interesting. Will have an assorment of pot sizes ranging from 2.5 plastics, 3 gallon smart pots, 5 gallon buckets and 1 15 gallon plastic. Just looking for a quick grow so will veg for 4~8 weeks with lots of lst to get even cola canopy then flower them all up. Hoping to get atleast 20 female, and that the plants mature fast before flipping to 12-12 so i can remove potential males before wasting valueable time space and nutes so the 8 week veg isnt a solid time plan. If the plants are big enough with enough cola branches by week 4~6 ill switch to flower.


Nice @Dr.DankThumb420. Looking like my two about 2 weeks after they sprouted. They’re becoming monsters now. They are extremely hardy plants so I have no doubt these are going to turn into some nice plants.


Yes sir ,gonna be a busy man . And hopefully the majority will be female. This is gonna be a awesome grow :sunglasses:


@Dr.DankThumb420 hey brother, add me to your list? I would like to follow this grow too. I think it will answer some questions and ideas I have. Thanks.