Back and Peyote pregaming for runtz run

Sooo I’ve been away from the forums for a while due to catching the covid and the crazy work schedule I’ve had from there on after along with summer temps. My Tahoe og turned out pretty well, i got pretty close to about 2.5lbs out of 6 plants. Little disappointed in genetics, it was good just not as good as I was expecting. I’ll do some digging and see if I can’t find some pictures of chop and hang.

Anyways glad to be back and onto new and better things. I started 3 peyote critical about 1.5 months ago. Also 2 str8 lemonade an 2 doc ogs about a month ago. They’re not exactly what I wanted to go with but with time it takes to get seeds ordered and received ect. It Would of been time wasted. These are 10 days into flower right now and going pretty well.

Now the 4 i started about 3 weeks later then the others I just put them in there pretty much to fill space. Im using my 4 single r specs. I’m running 1 for each of the peyotes and 1 covering the 4 smaller ones.

In my other tent im getting it cleaned up and this is the run im really excited for. The order should be here within a couple days but ill be running 2 knockout runtz, (kimbo kush×runts) 2 red runtz ,(red pop x runtz) 1 runtz s1 (runtz×runtz) all 3 by exotic genetics, 1 birthday funk by cannarado, 1 appleberry by sumo seeds my wife’s selection (happy wife = happy life) and 1 garlic cookies seed from the dispensary bud I got. Running Emerald harvest right now which isn’t bad but I think I’m gonna switch over to jacks for the 2nd run seeing as ill be out of emerald after the peyote run.


I’m gonna tag along. That is, if you don’t mind :v:

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I Don’t mind at all glad to have you! Hoping to switch over to RDWC and if I remember right you’ll be able to help me out a bit with that.

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I will help in ant way that I can, my friend :v:

Colas to see you healthy again. Dosent lookmlike you skipped a beat tent looks great!

I definitely agree with the above :v:

Thank you guys worst part about it all was the sore throat for me. Im just glad wife and kids were all A symptomatic. She was and has been a big part in keeping these going.

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Got these in today. Unfortunately they were out of red runtz so I am putting another order in for something maybe banana cane from in house genetics or maybe something else from exotic not quite sure yet gotta do some digging and research. Any suggestions?

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Rounding the end of week 3 here on Sunday and they are starting to stack the bud sites up nicely. Peyote critical pheno 3 on the left front is def caught up and taken charge. One in back right in quite the bush gonna have my hands full on 21 day trim. Str8 lemonade have really stretched out in the back left. The 2 docs ogs ended up being males so they got the chop.

Ordered three f series gen 3 double rows strips for my veg tent today and a new Growcraft x6 600w pretty stoked to try out.
Put a couple more orders in for seeds got some runtz and laterz , runtzpado, zeaside taffy all from pheno addicts. Last but not least got some gushers x sf1 from crane city. Soon as they all come in ill figure out what I’m dropping should be a week or so.


Outta likes already but, looking good :+1: :v:

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Sooo i added this guy on IG who grows bad A** stuff and been asking him questions about his favorite nutrients and other stuff. Well been about 2 or 3 weeks now and just figured out hes the creator of thug pug… retired but man is he chill and doesn’t mind getting back to ya. Good to see

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After day 21 trim. Slimmed way down.

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So instead of going rdwc I just put my order in with the bucket company gonna try the 3 gal flood and drain/auto feed out in some coco and see how it goes

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I have studied these as well, my friend. If I can help, give me a shout :+1: :v:

O o that may be very useful ive been doing some reading and thinking about running 10-12 3 gals in a 4x8. They have 6 gals in their parts manual but not sure if they are selling cause not an option in the shop anymore.

Just got these in today super excited! Got 2 more packs im waiting on along with light then im dropping veg tent in action.

Only thing I dont like about the bucket company is they don’t sell reservoirs so gonna have to outsource that. Anyone have any ideas? I could always do a diy one but been so limited on time.

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Totes are fairly easy to convert to a reservoir :v:

Thought this was kind of cool. Pack came with a verify code to canna verify.

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Finally got last pack in today. Gotta say if your not going through ILGM then Tree Star is where its at. Very legit stand up owner.

Got light in today and all I can say is chiled knocked it out with these ones. 4 rows of leds +660 great overall spectrum and durability. This thing is beastly. Can’t wait to compare vs my PLC strip. Will get wired up tonight as I got it only about an hour before work.

The bucket company buckets should be here tomorrow. Bought an 8 pack of the 3 gal buckets with 360° watering manifolds. Trying to automate a little bit and help keep everything little more clean. I have made the jump to coco also started seedlings in it and will run that after this soil run in my bucket system.

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