Back again with early flowers?

Once again, I’m back on the forum for your help. I’m growing outdoors in Southern California. Cloth 15 gallon pots and FF ocean forest soil. It’s been sunny and hot! I started my ILGM seeds in May/June and they’ve been growing well. They’re blueberry and strawberry CBD Fem. They’re starting pistols in this 3rd (barely) week of July. I assume pistols are early flowering stage. I wasn’t expecting this for another month or so. They look really healthy and I’m using FF “Grow” and Cal Mag. Always pH to 6.5. Did I get autoflower seeds again?

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Would you mind sharing a picture? they could just be pre flowers :)!

Thanks! I just figured out how to do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s totally in flower (starting stages) :thinking: and they also look huge for autos AND your leaves are canoeing…. @Jakecan

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They’re both around 30" tall. Very healthy looking!

There are a few folks around with plants flowering early.
I’ve got some sour d from an indoor hermie seed in full on flower. And I know of another grower that has a few early bloomers.
14 1/2 hours of daylight seems to have been the trigger for mine.


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Ah ok so not huge :rofl:…well they’re really nice lookin…preflowers for sure

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What does canoeing mean for the plant? I see what you mean- folded a bit. It’s pretty hot today. The soil is only dry on the top, so I didn’t water again this AM.

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Canoeing happens when the plant is under heat stress. And thank you for sharing those pictures. That does look like it is in full on flower! You’re positive those seeds are photoperiod and not autoflower?

Yea so it definitely is getting enough sunlight (UV rays) maybe try and establish some shade for the afternoon sunny hours so ya don’t fry your pretty ladies

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You’re not the first person to experience this…let it ride and get some smoke