Back again! babies are stunted!

Hi, back again. My babies are stunted. They are 19 days old I just thought they were good nice and green but didn’t realise they aren’t growing up they growing out!
I’ve attached a pic of each plant, 5 in total, and an extra pic of side view of one. 3 are northern lights, 2 afghani
Indoor tent, organic soil, ph 6.5, temps were 36 degrees Celsius (too hot), now 28-29 Celsius, I have a quantum 550w led, I did have the light really low which probably stunted them I’m guessing plus the fact I only had a fan blowing on them and never turned on the intake fan for fresh air or the exhaust fan to get rid of air! Don’t know why I didn’t have them on, think I thought they were too young for all of that yet. So I’ve turned all fans on, raised the light as high as it will go thinking they might stretch to the light now and with fresh air going in now and exhausting air out I’m hoping this will fix

them or have I stuffed them? Any feedback always appreciated

You can raise your light to encourage a bit more stretching, which you’ve already done.

Seeing some excess nitrogen in your leaves but overall, they look pretty good to me.

Thanx for taking time to reply. Should I be worried about excess nitrogen yet? I did give the babies a quart teaspoon Of organic molasses in 2 litres of ph 6.5 Water straight after I transplanted them yesterday? I can’t train them cause they too short for their age. Should I be concerned?

I’d say your on the border of nitrogen toxicity (No burned tips on leaves yet) so just ease up on the nutes a little. When the new growth is a lighter green in colour, you can start nutes again.

It’s always good to water in after a transplant so you’re fine.

Just keep an eye on them over the next week but I don’t see any major issues. Looking good!

Thanx for feedback, but I don’t use any nutrients, I’m just using ph 6.5 tap water growing in organic soil? So how can I potentially fix a nitrogen problem if I’m not using nutrients?

Yea just let them use up what’s available

Will do and thanx for your feedback, muchly appreciated

Must be in your soil then. As @GreenSnek said, just let them use up what’s available. They’ll be fine.

Good luck!

Will do! Thanx