Back again help!

Hi guys I’m back again I’m just wondering is something wrong with my baby :disappointed: I think I waited to long to transplant it I was having trouble getting the soil to me I’m using foxfarm happy frog now cal-mag an foxfarm grow big an bloom big any I greatly appreciate it I love u guys y’all are the best here’s sum pics from today an the leaves on the bottom isn’t getting much light thanks again Uploading: E15E1F3D-05C9-4EEC-AFD3-1AF6E5F0B05A.jpeg…

Gotta let pictures finish loading before hitting reply


We can’t see pictures, can you try again?

See the moisture on lower leaves in last set of pics you uploaded? Having wet leaves during lights on can cause damage similar to what you’re seeing. That’s not the only explanation, each of those pictures show something a little different. One picture shows leaves canoeing which is generally temp or rh related.

I sprayed the leaves an took the pics I didn’t put it back under the light rite away thanks I love u guys I really appreciate you how do I fix the problem sorry this is all new to me this is the only one I have I’m really tryna to save it do u think I should transplant it again I transplanted it about a week ago cuz the roots was out the soil I think I waited to late but I was having a problem getting the soil shipped to me it took me over 3weeks to get it an I still had to travel far to go get it
Try this
You will save a ton on shipping

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Thanks appreciate you :heart:

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