Babysitting my neighbors plants and they started doing this. What is it? Fungal or pest?

I would guess it’s not fungal. It could be pest damage, but it could also just be environmental damage.
Have you checked for bugs?


Yes. I even sprayed for bugs. We just went through a heat wave.

If you don’t see any pests and it doesn’t progress, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Either way,YOU gonna be in BIG TROUBLE when ‘your neighbor’ gets back from…from…from wherever he’s at!!


Check underside of leaves. Something is getting a good meal.
So what’s the neighbor going to say… lol

It does look like bug damage. My eyes suck so I use my phone camera zoom to check the underside of leaves for pests :v::green_heart:

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Looks like flys to me. They look like small house flys. What the don’t eat their bug friends will be along in a minute. Oil those girls up. It doesn’t hurt your plant.

What type of oil should I use?

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Neem. Is a good start. Mix 2-4 tablespoons with 1-2 of dawn. Mix in a warm glass off water. Mix with a gallon and 1/2 of water. 4 tablespoons of neem oil is a lot. I would keep light high and turn the down.

Your outside. You’ll be good. You can also bring you some incense around your plants it’ll keep mosquitoes and flies away.

This stuff is hot. It has poison in it. Also the yellow fly yellow jacket bottles they work great.A little hydrogen peroxide helps there’s a video or so on YouTube check it out with any of this stuff I always start at the bottom of the soil first. You have to keep the outside of your container the bottom around your area of your grow to have this work efficiently. You should always test lightly to see how your plants are going to react to this after a while they will love the oil they want it all the time I wouldn’t be afraid to do it at least once a week outside now be careful towards the end of the grow.