Baby Shark Auto, Ocean Forrest, Gaia Green, Recharge

Finally got a grow going in the 3x3. This is Baby Shark Auto. It is a local cross done with Great White x Bloody Bananas. It’s not a heavy producer but suppose to be dank and stony. The seeds were free so WTF lets give it a go. Going to be doing this grow with Ocean Forrest with Gaia Green starter kit consisting of there 4-4-4, 2-8-4 and Glacier Dust and Recharge. The pots are #5 nursery pots with a total volume of 4.50 gal. We will be using approx. 4.25 gal. of media in them. Perfect size pots for auto’s imho. Used enough Ocean Forrest to fill up the four pots then dumped them into a tub. Added one 4lb bag of earth worm castings. Then filled the earth worm castings bag up with Ocean Forrest from the tub. I then mixed in 8 tbsp. of Gaia Green 4-4-4, 6 tbsp. of Gaia Green 2-8-4 and 4 tbsp. of Gaia Green Glacier Dust. I mixed this mess up until it hurt, then mixed the soil some more. Filled the pots back up and Transplanted the week old seedlings right into there grow home pots. I then put 1 tsp of recharge in one gal of water and set the ph at 6.6. Each seedling got 100 ml watering and the rest of the gallon got divided up and ring watered the pots in to get the organic stuff going. From here on out I will top dress maybe 3 or 4 times with the Gaia Green and hit them with the Recharge every 7 to 10 days. They will get some Epson Salt here in a couple of weeks. Lights are drawing 116 watts, 79F, 75% RH, good VPD and PPFD. Just going to let them go and see what happens. The Gnomes are in, it’s a grow!


One of my gnomes must be moonlighting as a Grow Superintendant.


Hilarious we got the same gnome. I like your others too.

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I’m using Gaia Green for the first time this grow. I’m pleased.

I used to mix the FF Trio nutes and battled salt buildup constantly.

Love the gnome!!