Baby Autoflower Amnesia Haze already flowering

My baby Amnesia Haze, autoflowering, is only a few inches tall but already is flowering. It’s under lights 24 hours a day. Help! It’s only got 3 inches of greenery. It is literally still a seedling. I was planning to move it outdoors at end of May, into a large pot. How can I get more vegetative growth? Or will it always be stunted? Should I feed it bud food or continue with vegetative food? How do I prevent this is the future?

Help with what? Autos will start when they are ready. They’re all different. Any pictures?

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Nothing to do, b/c that’s just how autos grow.

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@smfitz if she’s flowering, it just means she’s happy and you’re feeding her well. Keep up the great work.