Babies need some advice

This is about 3 weeks old and starting to show some yellowing on leaves, light yellowing but yellowing no less. She’s had nothing but ph water at 6.5, no nutes no foliage sprays nothing. She’s tanning underneath a 6 bulb t5 light set up with 2 420 power veg bulbs, 2 fs/uv power veg bulbs and 2 of the stock agrobrite 6400k bulbs at a distance of 18 in away. Any ideas on what may be causing the yellowing?? Nitrogen deficiency issue maybe??

When were you planning on giving nutes?

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Looks like she might be getting a little hungry.
You could give it a very light feeding maybe 1/4 strength and see how she handles it.

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@Fever @Jmesser80 so nutes was my thought also!! But at 3 weeks I thought it may be a little earlier. My 1st time growing from seeds so I don’t want to get ahead of myself…i tend to do that!! How often should I give nutes?? Like a water, water, feed schedule??

Start slow and see what they like

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I would start slow and work your way up. Not knowing what nutrient line you are using I would say your best bet would to check the website of the manufacturer and see what they recommend.