Babies getting settled in. How do they look?

You’re off to a great start! The Stonington Blend is an excellent soil medium, loaded with nutrients and hot compared to most amended mediums. It’s recommended for clones and transplants and will feed for approximately 6 weeks or more without added nutrients. Testing the PPMS of the run off will let you know when to feed and I start this when that dips below 900. Agree on your water source and your PH is good with no adjustments needed for an organic grow. Run off on the other hand is not recommended for organic grows as most top dress organic amendments :love_you_gesture:

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What’s up everyone? Haven’t updated in a few days. Since the last update they girls have been transplanted. The strawberry cough was put into a 5 gallon fabric pot and the two pineapple chunks were put into 1 gallon nursery pots. The main reason for the difference is because I want to work on my watering practices for different size containers.

The strawberry cough I’ve noticed has a curled tips and a little leaf twisting. I’ve read a few things that it could be a number of things such as, nitrogen toxicity although I’m not seeing very dark green foliage. I’ve read it could be due to over/underwatering which could easily be the case. I’m trying to learn how many days in between I can go before the plant shows signs of being thirsty with drooping so I can start water the day before that. Another thing I’ve read is heat and wind stress. I do not think it’s heat stress because my temps have not reached over 80 degrees. I do however believe it could’ve been wind stress as I had a small fan pointing towards them. I’ve since adjusted the fan and slightly raised my lights to help combat any possible stress.

Pineapple chunk #1 looks very healthy in my opinion and is very short and bushy.

Pineapple chunk #2 show some slight deficiencies which I think came from poor watering practices. The new growth looks healthy and this plant has a bit more node spacing than #1

All 3 plants seem to be developing small side branches nicely.

I am a bit embarrassed with how small they are in my opinion and how they look. I am really excited about this grow really want it to work out lol

Topped the girls last night. They seem to be doing well and growing at decent pace now. All new growth looks good.

I raised my light to try to get a little more node spacing. I will start slightly increasing the intensity over the next week or two to around 200 or 250w and see how they respond.

Girls were watered tonight with RO water mixed with Fish Sh!t and Liquid seaweed.


Looking good Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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