Babies 3 weeks looking sad (help)

Looks dry but could be a light problem
Are you checking the ph of your water?

Ph is 6
Light is 80 cm away from plants

Using led lights

I can’t be completely sure because I don’t know what you have there. The soil looks dry to me, if not maybe the soil is to hot. Did you put nutes on em? That would definitely burn em. 80cm should be fine for a medium power led, but if it is low watt it should be closer, or really high power it might be to close. How is the humidity babies like that have to have a little bit of humidity or if you have a dome on them the humidity could be to high

I know I’m contradicting myself with all of this but without much more info I’m pretty much guessing… I said all of this so maybe something I said will click with you because you do have all the info. Hope I helped, good luck and welcome to the addiction we call growing weed it is fun once you get past the stress of starting

No nutes

Inline fan
1 fan blowing on them
mars Hydro TS3000 LED Grow Light

Temp 24
Humidity 60

Sounds like you’ve got it all covered damn man umm I’m back to it looks a little dry?

Looks like coco? All your cotelydons are yellow. If your medium doesn’t have nutes in it you need to feed them. Also agree with looks dry. Looks like some light burn issues as well. I would start feed water feed water etc. at low ppm and back the light off a bit.

They are def too dry. I grow in coco and i keep it.slightly moist.

Did j read right and you said they are 3 weeks? If so im going with rootbound or ph lockout. :man_shrugging:

Slap them babies in a 1 gallon pot and cut some water bottle tops off and slide the bottles over your plants and spray plant and inside of bottle with water and wait