B.O.M.- contest seeds

I"ve been a member since June, but started ordering my beans well before that it seems, getting your ordered beans home is Great. But… getting your beans from winning a contest, Only at ILGM, and getting them in Ten days or less Priceless.
ILGM, customer support at its Finest. !!! <*)))><{


great seeds are awesome.
Great seeds FREE are awesomer!!! LMAO…awesomer…


Super Sweet !!!..worked hard for it, and once again Thank You to all who voted for me, gonna have a Gorilla "Gold Leaf " Out Door Grow for y"all !!!


Oak…Awesomer…lmao !!


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Earned @FyshhTrap. Hope this will be your awesomest grow!

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With all the help I receive from these Great Growers here at ILGM, this next one should be very interesting!!!


When will dec start thanks

Yes sir still anxiously awaiting my Green Crack seeds for November bud of the month contest hope they get here for new years day

you didn’t get your seeds yet ?

No not yet been to the box every day it has been like 18 days only so I am not worried about it especially at this time of year and what the mail is like . The other orders were 12 and 13 days to get here so I am expecting them any day now

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Yes youre probly right, time of year, just keep in touch with latewood, we had problems with mine , latewood fixed that , and I got my beans in like 10 days, actual time with problem was like 15-20 !!

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Thanks bud

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This time of year the postal system takes a bit longer . But ,Trust me and the team . they’ll get there . then fold the mirrors forward . And don’t look back . cause your going to love them beans . ILGM is solid Quality .Hands down… Like a HAMMER. ooh yeah :sunglasses:


Oh don’t get me wrong @Hammer I am not worried at all about the seeds or the genetics . My White Widow is absolutely on point with the buzz and the flavor and aroma are just starting to get to the party from the cure . Even if the seeds never did show up it was a blast having a bud that was nice enough to win against so many quality entries.
Thanks again for having the contest it is a fun competition even if all we got were bragging rights for the month.

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But WE Want those winners to have more then just bragging right’s . Just Saying …lol and ps Merry Xmas .
Hammer ,


Merry Christmas to you and the whole ILGM crew @Hammer and thanks to ILGM my Christmas is definitely a lot better.


Thanks @Oldstoner! Hope your Christmas was as green as ours :christmas_tree:


It was and thank you .