AZirish Seedsman Auto Lemon #2

@InkedPC Damn, everyone’s all excited out here cause it’s supposed to be a high of like mid 70s out here next week. If said is true imma be cranking the shit out the light.

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So day after harvest smoke test. I haven’t smoked any substantial amount of flower in the last few months as I’ve only been doing concentrates for value and efficiency! I will say I’m blowed already. Wasn’t really hard to grind, but the stems definitely aren’t there yet so I’m thinking so I’m thinking another day on the main stem and then maybe into the jar for cure. Still first harvest ever so I… (forgot what I was saying so I’ll finish this sentence when I remember!) Anyways, I’m guess at this rate she might only take a couple weeks to cure, but what do I know. I know this stuff hits hard.

Early strain review?: Mmmm, she’s supposed to be a sativa hybrid, but I’m fxcking stuck right now. Very relaxed and happy. Stuck though. Will be interesting to see if she comes out different after cure as well as will her sister, another Auto Lemon by Seedsman, will come out with a different smoke profile!?

Anyway, getting off the forum as I do have other stuff to do as I just got off work and I now have to unstick myself.

Pro Smoke Tip: “Never try something new before work.”
-said by Me-

I would have been sooooooo screwed if I woulda hit this before work. See y’all after awhile!!!


Too funny!! “I forgot what I was saying” :partying_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Jeez, I generally like to uphold my grammar standards a bit better than that. Not sure if it was the organic bud or just cause it’s home grown, but a fella was full blown. Probably would have paid a solid $60 for an 8 off something that hits like this.

Also, I think I was just going to end up mentioning the cure time, but I’ll probably never remember. ADD gets like that so if y’all ever have any suggestions for good strains for that I’m always down to try.

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Exactly why I wanted to grow, well along with a few other reasons. But the amount of money ill save will be insane. Dispensary stuff just hasn’t hit right for a little while now.

Cause they all getting bought out by larger companies. A few of my shops have changed brand names and a few haven’t, but most of the bud hasn’t been hitting the same, agreed.

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Dry/cure update. Everything seemed pretty dry after just about 72 hours so I through the in a jar. So here’s a few days later.

PS: Still no scale so I’mma eyeball it to just over a quarter oz.