AZ outdoor GG4 autos

I just placed my ILGM order.

After last year’s experience growing photos in the desert, I’m switching to autos. My plan is to grow in soil, probably FF. I learned from my first grow and I won’t be in any hurry to fertilize, but I plan to use my stock of FF ferts this season.

I plan to start four autos as early as I can and will also do a fall planting or two. We didn’t have a freeze until late this year so I can grow to the end of November.

I have some photo seeds left over from last year, so I will start four photos probably in June instead of March like I did last year.

Can’t wait.


Good luck! Just remember those flushes with the FF nutes!


Definitely need to do the flushes like @Borderryan22 said. I learned the hard way. :blush::v:

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I’m an outdoor northern AZ grower. I got months to wait before I start anything. But I’ve decided to grow a few autos in with my photos this year. I got gg4 but there gonna be photos. I got the auto snack mix. I’ll keep an eye on your grow and see how it works out for you.

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I’m also thinking of growing a couple auto’s this year I’m gonna start them 4/20 when I start my photo’s

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Haven’t decided what strain yet

Lows are still in the 30s here but the days are in the 70s. Last year I started my seeds on March 1 and kept them under lights when they weren’t outside until the overnight lows warmed a bit.

@Darth love the gg4 auto, im coming up on my 2nd harvest in a few weeks of gg4 auto…this is also my 2nd grow ever lmao

heres from 1st harvest


Nice grow there. The yield should be pretty good.

im hoping at least 4oz

Thats a pretty nice plant. They look very healthy. How long did they take?

@goldiemouth270 the gg4 auto. How long did the first one take germ. To harvest?

11.5 and 13 weeks

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Lots of tops there. What kind of training did you do?

just lst


All-right fellow Zonians, I did an experiment. Started plants close to 2 months ago indoors under lights/phototron 18 hrs light. Last two weeks they have been out doors all day, then they go back under the lights inside from 6pm to midnight.

Three days ago I transplanted and now they’re to big to be inside. Put them in my small green house where I have a 200 watt chicken light that runs from dusk til dawn. Its too cold without it. Will they go into flower with such week light? I think I see some pre flowers, any opinions are greatly appreciated. They are supposed to be photoperiod seeds from ILGM.

Hoping these honeys make the transition and can go full outside with out any extra light around May 1

May 1.

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They look healthy. I dont know enough about exactly what they need. So im interested in what folks gotta say? Hey lets ask plumbdand.

@plumbdand. Got a question. See what you think?

Those are gonna be huge by oct.

They are Autos should be okay if they dont get too cold