AZ 2022 outside grow 7 strains

I dropped the 1st seed of the 2022 season a Cheese auto. I put a teaspoon of peroxide in a shot glass then drop seed into peroxide then add a tablespoon of water and put it in a dark warm place. 2 days later it had a 1/4 tail

In my pot I put FFOF and 4 pellets of coco coir. I soak the pellets in a glass full of water with a few drops of EM1 inoculant. After they have expanded I make a hole in the center of the pot and put the coco in. I then pour the remaining water into the pot around the edges. I take a pencil and slightly mix just the outer edges of the coco with the FFOF.

I put the seed a little less than a 1/2in under the coco and gently cover

2 days later I hve this.

Ill drop the other 6 strains on or before 4/20 they are
Godfather OG ILGM
Super critical bud CBD Garden of Green
Cream and Cheese CBD, Homegrown cannabis co
Super lemon haze


Coco and soil mixed together should not be done right? @MrPeat @MidwestGuy @MeEasy @Underthestairs

And just like that a beautiful baby girl is born…

From what I have read here its a no. Coco is different than from a 100% soil grow. I only use FFOF and top dressed with FFHF. :+1:

Its a Coco cube so it may be fine.


Coco and soil grows are managed very differently. It’s best not to mix the two. Learn about the differences and then choose one or the other.

For instance:

Soil grows need to be left to dry out between each watering for good root health. Coco becomes hydrophobic if left to dry out and must be watered daily.

Its only a tiny bit of coco for the seed to start in about as big as my thumb

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The roots will spread into the FFOF


I dont start directly into FFOF its too hot


Some people start their seeds in peet pods then thansplant into soil I use a tiny bit of coco in the center of the pot that eliminate a transplant


Gotcha now @plumbdand I thought u ment mixing the two entirely​:rofl::rofl:

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No just enough to start a seed since they dont need nutes at that stage coco or peet is a good safe seed starter. I mix just the edges of the coco to give the roots a gradual transition into the FFOF
The amount of the coco that actually gets mixed into FFOF wouldn’t fill a tablespoon. The amount of straight coco that the seed sit/starts in is about a tablespoon. Thats in a quart size pot

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I’ve looked a lot into the soil coco hybrid… it’s not impossible. But there is no benefit in my eyes. It wouldn’t follow any of the general rules for either growing hydro or growing soil. So you’re guessing a lot. That doesn’t have a lot of value to me.

I’ve seen some growers use coco like you would perlite or rice hulls to keep the soil from compacting but I’ve never tried it. I think fox farm coco loco is a mix


The amount of coco that i use in a qt pot totals about 2 tablespoons its just to get the seed started.

2 tablespoons in a hole about as big as my thumb in a qt pot. its not like im mixing a bunch of coco with soil. Out of that little bit only a tiny bit of that gets mixed at the edges of the hole. I use a pencil and just touch the edges of the coco.

After reading everyone’s comments I had to go searching and yes you can mix coco in heavy soils like clays to help with it just being clumps. Coco loco is not a soil coco mix it’s just organic amended coco


I bought a seed starter mix that was mostly coco and I used it the same way it worked good :+1: I still use it for my ol lady’s tiny seeds


I get the pellets from a seed starter kit I use the pellets and throw the kit away. I would have just bought the pellets but Home depot only had the kits. Ive been starting my seeds this way for a long time. I used to use the whole plastic kit but I had to transplant them from that to a small pot and then again into the ground. This way I have one less transplant to do. One pellet is the size of 4 nickles stacked I use 4 of them.


Heres a picture from this morning


@SilvaBack203 its grow time Im gonna drop the rest today I was gonna wait until 4/20 to start the other seeds but Im just too damn anxious