Ayahuasca Purple Barney’s Farm

This plant was stunted for the longest time. This should’ve been harvested like a week ago. For some reason it went on a 3 week stand still. No growth, no deficiencies, just nothingness…. Started mixing up some compost and worm castings tea and it seems to have given her the boost she needed to keep going


:point_up_2: these also have good microbes that’ll store nutrients for feeding. I feed microbes every 2 weeks and use TPS Billions or Recharge for this :love_you_gesture:

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Ive got a gorilla glue auto it went to 9weeks before it started to flower so i know what u mean


I have TPS billions in my arsenal but I haven’t used it on this plant

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And i thought my GG Auto was special. She’s been at a stand still for weeks ! Every other strain is on full throttle, not her !! I

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