Avid Grower , New to This forum. Getting the hang of things

I’m an avid grower of everything with leaves. If it goes through photosynthesis I try to grow it once. All organic except a few that I use Nectar Of the Gods kit on. Still pretty impressed with that boost kit. I look forward to growing and coming across others grow to pick up tips and maybe give out a few myself. Today I will transplant a few new plants I received from a local. This should be fun. Hope everyones leaves are green and sun is shining.


Good luck set to watching!!!

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Welcome to the circus we call our community, all fun happy people and never any issues with the people but sometimes with the plants.

Everyone’s happy to give a little advice and hopefully get things on track when it goes out of control.

Glad to have you here and look forward to the input you can provide


Welcome to the community and good luck

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Welcome another organic grower here, there’s s few of us on here, start a journal and have some fun


Hey welcome to ILGM! Hope you explore and enjoy the site. Lots of great ideas and people here. Just word for the wise though watch out for @Mrcrabs and @PharmerBob ssshhhhhh don’t tell but I think their stalkers!! :man_shrugging:


68f48575c7e9300c6dd115bcb435125e--orang-utan-baby-orangutan lmao @Jbum


Only stalk j, And crabs and maybe lurk on some journals every once in awhile


Welcome to ILGM! :v:

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Welcome to the forum you’ll love it. The fellow and expert growers are great and will help you with your problems. Happy growing

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@Nova1xo do you have plants going now if so what are you trying? We all love pics so we can follow them. I’ve done 1 grow with a indigo dominant plant that came from a very small dispensary but the reason it was free they didn’t know what strain. Then I had 3 I planted from seeds I’d saved 1 of them went male so I removed it but a few weeks later we found seeds in all except the indica. We harvested but alittle strong tasting I didn’t get it flushed good. 2nd try spider mites. I’m on 3rd grow now I’ll tag you into my grow journal right how about 3 inches. I’ll send you pics later

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I love all the support inside this forum . This will probably be a very fun trip watching everyone’s grow. And getting advice to become better myself.

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I have 3 seedlings I recently planted all auto’s. An Amnesia haze , a lemon haze as well as an Ak49 . I’m excited about this grow and can’t wait to start posting more as they grow. And I understand about the mites I had to visit my local shop for an organic pest control and came across a new kit of probiotics I can’t wait to see the results.


Welcome to the site i am set to watching. Good luck with the grow.