Average weight that can be hold in a full pint or quart jar?

I am trying to figure out density. I know a lot of information will be it depends scenario. What are the ranges of actual product that should fit into an uncompressed jar. So let’s say a quart jar is 25 to 35 grams. These are made up numbers but trying to figure out how to calculate density of harvest. Any ideas?

These are packed tighter than I prefer. 1-gallon and quart jars.


So. The first jar is 84 grams in a gallon? I am trying to do calculations
Ps thank you.

No both amounts 136g
I like 1/2 gallon - they usually hold 70 - 80g Quarts half that amount.
The 63g quart above is packed pretty tight. I should split it into 2 jars.

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Thanks. I have ~ 150 in about in a 4.6 Cvault. It is not full It is not full so I figure 4 liter. That is 4.2 quarts. So 150/4.2= 35 ish per quart. I know it is not scientific but a rough idea.image|666x500

I use (or did until Grove Bags) quart size and weigh out 50 grams per. I also store in the freezer to maintain fresh-cured flavor.


Last year I used quart size jars and put about 40 grams in each one(1.5 oz). i liked the extra head space.But that was a lot of “burping” this year I’m going to try out grove bags for half my harvest.

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What beardless said. I get about 1 1/2 oz. per qt.

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The jars or grove bags or both? If you put grove bags in the freezer do you need to do anything else to them?

I have both but am very careful in handling flower in the Grove bags as you can easily knock trichomes off of the flower. I think I prefer glass jars for long term storage myself. I’ll probably pull them out and jar the flower for better, safer storage.

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Knocking trichomes off is one thing was thinking about while placing my order. I was thinking hanging the bags with clips would help limit crushing the bud if you have to stack them up.
Thanks for the feedback.

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