Average time until visible roots?

Ok I like to grow from seeds but am attempting to clone some of my Purple Kush before I flip them into flower. Have had 8 cuttings all in rockwool have been for 10 day some are visibly yellowing I am told this can be a good sign but with no roots showing am curious if they are dieing off? they look to have some new growth. I am starting a Jack herer run from seed but hoping to save some of my PK any advise would be helpful. Good with seeds but clones are new to me.

Thanks in advance

New growth is a good sign.

As long as they are not drooping or severely wilting they will probably pull through. Yellowing leaves is normal, they are going to consume their reserves as they try to build roots, the new growth shows they are still alive and building towards new roots as well.

Giving them a very mild nutrient, especially one designed for clones and seedling could help with the yellowing, and these often have ingredients in them like rooting hormones, and other things, to help stimulate rooting as well. In this case, a light foliar spray could help as well. Very mild, we are talking 0.2 EC or less, like 100 ppm or less.

“Clones, young plants, seedlings, and every marijuana plant in vegetative state will experience extreme benefits with foliar feeding. Because clones aren’t rooted, they require foliar feeding as a means to develop roots and avoid yellow discoloration (a frequent problem for cloners).” ~Robert


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just an update my first attempt at clones was tragic started them in rockwool the ph fried the roots. Went 1/10 did second batch peat pellets ph’d to 6 rootech gel went 10/10 roots visible in 7 days, 10 more started testing rapid rooter plugs day 5 today will see if they live up to hype. If not back to the peat pellets they worked flawlessly. Amazing how even minor adjustments make for huge outcomes…

Had the same experience I assumed it was due to low humidity
but I did use rockwool so maybe that was part of the reason.
Took nearly 7 weeks before I gave up and on a last ditch effort
just put it in Pro-Mix and she responded great.

This information is very helpful as now I know for the next
batch NO Rockwool.


rapid rooter plugs are working well have several clones that picked right up but I also changed a variable which makes the test inconclusive I put them in my veg room with 1000w mh so they are getting too much light. Will be putting them back under t5s next round of cuttings but still coming off with 100% success rate just taking longer for roots to show.