Average time in veg

Most of the strain descriptions will give you estimated flower times, but seldom mention average veg time. I’m growing OG Kush photos. What is the average time in veg before switching to flower? My last grow was white widow and I didn’t switch until I saw pre-flower signs which occurred at about 10 weeks in veg. My OG is at 7 weeks in veg. Switch or not that is the question!

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The decision of when to flip is most often based on grower preferences of how to manage the plant’s development (shape, size, desired training, etc…) rather than a prescribed time. Most plants are ready to flip after 5 or 6 weeks, but some growers go as long as 12 weeks. I would guess an average of when growers do flip is probably something like 7 to 10 weeks. One grower on the forum, @MrPeat, grows his photos 12/12 from start to finish.


If you wait too long the plant can become monstrously too big and harder to manage, too short and the buds are undersized, there is a golden window determined by any particular strain, stay in that window and the plant will finish on time and at maximum maturity. Small plants are more susceptible to accidental anomalies (pH/ppm) and monsters never finish, new growth sprouting from finished buds, they outlive the Energizer bunny!


I’ve kept plants in veg as long as 10 weeks and also flipped them in 6 weeks. Like previous answers you just need to decide what is going to work best for your circumstances. How much space do you have. Remember that after you flip they’re going to stretch, sometimes doubling in height.


@ArtG I’d slip that now. Plants can get out if control fast. Like @MidwestGuy said, I run 12/12 from start to finish. These plants csn get over 7 feet tall.

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If you’re going by average I’m going to say 5 weeks or so or whatever let’s you get 3-4 harvest a year. That’s what most of us personal use growers do.

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My average is 8-9 weeks of veg because that’s how long I have to wait for the flower tent to clear out, doing a perpetual grow. Makes for some big stocky girls and I love harvesting every 2 months rather than 4 months.

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I will Veg up to 3 months. But that is because I run a 12/12 from start to finish. :+1:

Well I flipped the girls over to 12/12 this morning @7 weeks. I have 4 (one didn’t sprout) in a 3X3 tent and they are taking over. If they get much bigger I’ll have to move them outside. The tallest is almost 4 foot and the others are about 3 and they are wide. I’m thinking this is going to be a plentiful harvest.

Try having a 7+ foot tall plant and is 8 feet wide. She is fully loaded.

And if everything goes fine for you, you should have a decent crop pending on what lighting you are using.

These OG Kush are awesome plants! They grow like weeds and they are self healing. I broke one of the branches and decided I was going to take it as a clone. It was still attached to the stem so I let it go for a couple days and when I checked it it had repaired itself and grew out past the branches above. The shortest is 40” and the tallest just hit 48” this morning. I have 6 side lights around the bottom edges and they are budding out from top to bottom. I only have about 6” left till they reach the lights on top. I might have to move them to the outdoor greenhouse. The only problem I’ve had is a little powdery mildew on one plant after about 2 weeks in veg. I removed the effected leaves and have had no problems since.