Average Critical Mass Yield?

Hi guys,

I’m thinking about starting some critical mass auto’s. My plan is to maximize them via scrogging and LST. I’m running a hydro (medium is coco, perilte and smidge of vermiculite) in 3 gal cloth pots and a 1000w HPS. I’ve set a goal of 200g/plant dry weight. Am I raising the bar too high on this? (Pun intended) I’m really trying to see if this is possible. Any feedback is appreciated


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Better do photos. 200 grams or 8oz on a auto is a miracle in dried weight. Easily done on a photo.

Thanks for the feedback! What would be the average on an auto out of curiosity?

Add at the minium 30% but 50% would be better of the perlite /vermiculite, this will ensure the coco is not to dense.

You can use the search option to see other growers who have grown it, I haven’t seen any personaly but many asking and some just starting the grows.

Do you have a MH or CMH bulb to start until your seeing bud sites form, HPS is heavy on the red spectrum and not the best for vegging.

While I agree photos would let you veg longer and decide what size you want autos will still grow great in the right conditions.
Autos don’t do well with SCOG to be honest, some have success but many don’t have that level of expertise yet. Being in non soil will help but ensure your lights dialed down so you increase the stretch.
It’s doable to get 12 oz

Anywhere from 2 to 5 is my average.

@SKORPION must not be an auto grower friend =p
Average is 6-8 for most but y I u can push 12+ if you know what your doing.
Although I can’t speak for this strain maybe @Not2SureYet has grown this one already let’s see.


Welcome to the community @Billy_Bong_Thorton

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Lol I’m not. It something new that I want to try. I heard the critical strain is idiot proof and higher yielding, generally speaking.

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Unfortunately, I have fluorescents for the veg right now, good ones, but still not a MH


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Ilgm lists 4 to 6 on optimal conditions and generally it takes a while to get optimal results starting out but hey just saying.

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Well before you drop your seeds ensure your ready to really get the most out of your space, to do this you need the ideal environment.

Go invest in a CMH/MH

A fluorescent will do the job for a week or two and then it starts becoming not the best due to lack of light penetration and size of plant.

Ensure your tent is exhausting air OUTSIDE unless your running co2

Go to google and image search “cannabis VPD chart” print it out and pin it to your grow room wall. Dial that in.

Make sure your tent has fans that can give a good breeze to shake the plant to ensure strong growth in stems and roots.

Add Mykos to your medium mix (voodoo juice is the best as per studies)

Some your plant until it has a set or two of real leafs then take that dome off.

Valid point @SKORPION I didn’t know that 7oz I’d doable but by gauging the current growers experience probably not obtainable right off the bat.


@SKORPION thanks for input! It’s much appreciated!

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Think of autos not as a way to stock up, but more like a way to maintain. That’s the way I approached each grow I generally plan what I need to grow to meet my needs then I double it. And I land on goal each time even though I planned to get double plants vary and things happen and my cushion gets me by.


Welcome to the forum. I did do a CM a few grows ago. It was a small one I was just messing with and trying a mainline. I ended with 5 oz from it. Grown normal. I think this would be a beast. I would re think the 3 gallon pot and maybe go for a 5 or 7 gallon. The one I did was a photo. I am guessing the one you are wanting to do is one as well. Also. be aware. This strain stretches a lot. Or mine did.
I went from this

to this after the stretch


Welcome to the forum!

I just ordered Critical Mass photos. It will be interesting to see the yield differnce between photos and autos. Best of luck in your grow! May the odds ever be in our favor.


EDIT: Since this was my first post on my first day as a new member, I couldn’t respond for 24 hours… then I got busy.

The entire environment is set up with proper ventilation, plenty of fans, etc… and I have co2 as well. I’ll look into a CMH, I’ve wanted one for a while anyway. I’ll look up mykos, as I’m not too familiar with it and voodoo juice(?) as well. :slight_smile: I’ll download the VPD chart as well.

Thanks, very helpful! The bar has been raised, and I’m now aiming for 2lbs a plant. -HAH!!


LED’s are much better if you get quality QB boards.
Cmh /HPS is old school but gold standard.

Good luck let us know!

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