Average costs small grow


A question from a fellow grower:

How much money would it cost to start up a small personal grow? Maybe 3 plants?


Really depends on what sort of setup and grow medium you are wanting to go with. I just purchased everything for mine and it was around $700. The setup is:

  • 4x4x7ft grow tent
  • 600w digital & dimmable HID lighting, air cooled reflector and MH + HPS bulbs
  • 6" exhaust fan with 24" carbon filter
  • 6" inline intake fan
  • 25ft 6" vent tubing
    -2 5gal DWC bubbler grow buckets
  • General Hydroponics 3 part nutes
  • General Hydroponics PH up/down and test kit
  • Rock wool cubes for starting
  • Clay Pellets for grow medium
  • 2 10" airstones for increased oxygen and water movement