Autumn Autos 2019

Hiya Betty!
I made some this morning using your method (I think) w the pressure cooker. Made a batch of brownies and got budder left over for coffee etc. Made from trim, probably not as strong by a long shot to what you prefer.
A 1 gram of bud brownie would mess me up pretty bad :grin: I’m always conservative w my edibles at first try, till I know what they do & for how long.

For @Carol4486, wouldnt the strain also figure on her intake & effect and how long its effects last?
I kind of look at edibles like mushrooms, in that once you ingest you are well on your way, one way or another .

Quick question on RapidRooters, I remember you mentioning them and that you’ve used them so I gave them a try on my last grow. I absolutely loved them, even used them to clone.
But as I was looking at my inventory I notice the plugs had what looked like the beginning of mold, which I cant/wont take a chance to find out if it was or not, so I threw them out (excuse the long preamble).
my question is, how do you store them to maximize their life span? I had barely made a dent into the bag so I was a little ticked off at having to trash them :angry: Should I let them dry out once I dip into the bag since they are a little moist when new and just re-hydrate when used in future?

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Keep them in their bag. You can store in the fridge and just let them come to room temperature before using. If they dry out, I don’t think it’s a big deal, but they might be fragile. Tbh, I have no idea. :grinning: I don’t see why it would hurt them, you’d just have to thoroughly soak before using.


They behave about like a sponge, minus the hard part. They won’t completely dry up and crumble.


Will Do! Thank you boths (w a staten island/bronx “accent” :grin:) and have a great weekend :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Also, how’d the brownies turn out? :grinning:

My way of figuring strength. Very rough estimate.

My personal rule of thumb for using buds in edibles:
Strong serving–1.5 grams of bud
Good Serving–1 gram of bud
Medium serving–½ gram of bud
Light–anything less

There’s some pothead math involved to get dosage estimates when using bud that isn’t tested.

  1. Start with 1 GRAM. Let’s assume that gram has anywhere between 10%-20% THC, or an average 15%;
  2. A GRAM contains 1000 MILLIGRAMS, so that means an avg 15% THC content translates to 150MG THC/GRAM, but then knock off about 15% of that, due to mass loss during decarb (there are a few articles out there, this is something I just started reading about a few months ago);
  3. KIEF is about 5x as strong as bud
    BUD is about 5x as strong as sugar trim
  4. How many servings per batch, for any amount of solvent & weed: first calculate the total estimated amount of THC, then divide it by however many estimated milligrams you want per dose. Divide your budder/extract/recipe accordingly.


A threw on a couple decarb/cannabinoids charts, while I was at it.


Thank you for taking the time to post that, I appreciate it.
The brownies came out Really Good. I probably did an extra step (as you’ve mentioned in the past, one could probably do it in one shot), I decarbed the trim in the pressure cooker first (about 43 mins.) then I added the butter and hit them again for another 45 mins.
What was odd this time was that puppy hit me almost immediately which I was not ready for so that was a pleasant surprise. the buzz lasted about 4 hours (probably pretty weak) so I just took another before I shut off the lights. I have enough that next time I’m going to try making it w bud to get more of a punch. I just feel bad if I did not use the trim, seems wasteful. I also wish I had a bigger pot cause Im limited to the size jar (literaly smallish jelly jar) I can fit in my prsssure cooker.
all in all a success, I cant do the oven method or the house would reek
Thanks for asking & for your help
Enjoy your Sunday :wink: :grin: :v:


I use trim for everything! You just gotta add about 4x-5x the trim as you would buds.

Glad it was a success! I have no friends, so I depend on you all to test my stuff. :grinning:


It was definitely a success thanks to you. If it wasnt for you suggesting the pressure cooker method
I probably would not have made any budder at all due to its aromatic qualities during decarb.

I dont believe that for a second but you have tons of friends here who are more than willing to do further testing if called upon to do so :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, the oven decarb in a jar is great for odor reduction. I am forbidden from partaking inside, so I gotta have zero smells, whenever possible.

I decarb 30 in the oven, then finish decarb in the pressure cooker. Though, the pressure cooker does it fine on its own. No matter which way you do it, as long as it works, that’s all that matters.


:grin: I’m in the same boat as you, though self imposed. I remember you mentioning that in the past, which I find incredibly funny, not in mean way or anything like that, I just think its ironic cause you love your pot but your partner doesnt dig it at all. So stealth smoking & consumption is our default MO :joy:

I did not know the oven was a viable (as far a odor) method as well, what temps do you use & for how long?


Use a lidded Mason jar. That is the key to no-odor oven decarb. Follow the decarb chart above, just put everything in Mason Jars, with the lid on as if you’re canning something.


Got Ya! got plenty of masonry jars lol :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought, have read, have seen (even in the forum) that to decarb you heat at about 200-220°F for 30-45 minutes, this shows 1.5-2 hours at 212 :thinking:

I’m so confused, maybe this is why I get no effect from edibles?


Hi @NavyVet420, how are you doing Man?
If you’re not getting effects from edibles there are few possible reasons that I can think of.
The decarbing (typed decrabing, my dyslexia lol) process was not successful in that it was not hot enough or long enough to do its job (why I do the 2 step pressure cooker thing).
Another possible reason is the materia/trim in not strong enough or enough of it to yield a potent result.
Or you did not consume enough :joy: but you gotta be careful w that last one.

@blackthumbbetty knows much more about it than I can suggest.


I decarb at 230-250 for a total of about an hour (30 in oven, the rest during pressure cooking).

That decarb chart just gives you options. 200-220 for only 45 minutes is definitely not enough for decarb. Try making them again, but follow any of the options for decarbing on that chart. When decarbed properly, edibles will eff you up right proper!


Theres no decrabing here. Sorry @Mrcrabs it wont happen again. Apparently dyslexia is involved. I’ve been after that old buzzard for a while :cowboy_hat_face:


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Man, I hope you don’t have to decrab. I’d stay away from loose women if you do! :stuck_out_tongue: