Autos WW hydro help


@JedSanders wow, I did not know they could do auto without Ruderalis. I was under the thought that it was the ruderalis that gave it the auto property. Now I have some learning to do.


@Fever I’m no expert on Autos by far I have only grown one in my entire life lol the we Autos I’ve notice some have had the issue with them flowering not sure why you could just let it grow till your ready to flower everything I might just change over all by itself even if slow to do it
I’m a photo guy tho only do the auto for fun lol


I can’t really get on that train given we should know from a deficiency if the plant wanted more, no?
They search out what they need in nature


@Fever, Your prob right on that, but a plant can be low, without being deficient right? I’m not talking huge differences, just optimal amounts. I used phosphorous as an example, but I wonder if there is any variance as they actually produce differently over sativa and indica. It likely would not have influence I guess just because there is small amounts of ruderalis…usually like 20% I think…I am curious though.


I like your train of thought.


Could there be a connection with the “troublesome” ones and the ones with or without Rudy?


@Whodat66, I don’t know, but I did read in an older article I found that something like up to 20% of autos, won’t auto. The article was older, and that number has likely improved. It looks like there is still some perfecting that needs to be done in the auto line. My girl is taking her flowering steps( but her dark time has increased quite a bit too) and I am seeing white pistils. I am so excited to see it beginning. She is a fighter. She is fighting for her right to party! lol


There are autos with 40% Ruderalis. But I’ve just seen like 2-4 strains with this high ratio. Usally it’s like 10, 20 and 30.
And a friend of mine works with autos and he never had any issues with them not doing their job. So maybe he is just lucky or the “modern” auto strains do not have that kind of problems anymore.


Oh, I get that they are more reliable now. I was just wondering if any particular strains were habitually late blooming or needed a jump start, and if that connected to them having ruderalis genes or not.


@Whodat66 me too…I am wondering the same thing


There are some strains blooming later caused of their genetics BUT it’s not that much! It’ like 1-2 weeks off (too early/too late).


I would expect closer to 7-800 ppm at their current size with Cal-mag regime around 5ml per Gal @kLockwerk


I call BS on this! It only lengthens the veg time if you decide to veg longer, to grow plant larger before flower.

If anything; Longer photo periods increase finish time. 14./10 is as natural as the photo periods of the Sun.

There is no science backing up your friends claims. lw


actually; The difference between Sativa and Indica strains can be 2 months (quite a big difference)

Some Indicas claim to finish in 6-8 weeks while Sativa can take 3-4 months.

Happy growing


PLants will not flower at 14/10


It is being proven everyday that white/blue full spectrum light produces
plants with higher THC%, and more trichomes development. Lamps with too
much red spectrum are leaving plants wanting more.

Look into our podcast section and find growing with fishes. Go there
(youtube), and find the show with Spectrum King LED on it. Somewhere a
week or 2 after 4/20 (my 1st show). We also had Spectrum King back 2-3
weeks ago, and much more was explained. Enjoy.

Oh yeah. Growing with fishes POdcast tonight 9:30 PM Eastern Stoners Time


I have been using 14/10 for 3 grows and all the Staff tried this at the same time. So; About the past year, we have been experimenting with 14/10.

It was not that big a stretch for me. Our longest days outdoors is approx. 14 hours and the shortest is approx 12 hours.

In the past 8-10 years I have never used longer than 15/9-16/8. I switched when I got my Gold Leaf and have been documenting me past 3 grows for future publication.

With kind regards, lw


You’re calling bs on a discussion between 2 people’s discussion. Ok.

I’m not a scientist, nor have I seen any studies one way or the other on the subject. But I know what I’ve seen with my eyes. My eyes tell me that plants under natural sunlight in natural conditions grow way taller than I could ever deal with indoors. So it’s nothing particular I’m interested in replicating.

I’m not sure how professionals do it, but I want to veg my plants to desired size as quickly as possible. I don’t know if one way is faster than another, but if I find out, that’s what I’m going to do.


Thanks @Donaldj. I brought the ppm up to 500 today… will see how they look tomorrow and if all is good ill bring it to 700-800ish. I’m going to get a cal-mag supplement as well but I will wait to see if the higher ppm fixes the yellow tips first before adding it.


I suspect you will see some improvement within a few days simply raising ppm the bigger your plants get the greater their nutrient needs and yes you may be able to get away without Cal-mag using flora series but will need to use it close to directions and keep res changes on schedule