Autos WW hydro help


Look what you started @latewood all these 14/10 I love it !!! Works great for myself as well I just spread the words of what I’m taught I wouldn’t give out any information that I haven’t done myself already and @latewood he definitely knows his stuff


Do we have an explanation for the thread about the clones going into flower after switching to 14/10?

I’m curious as to whether you guys feel like this is from the age of the plant, or maybe just an abrupt switch rather than gradual?


The first I ever heard about it was @Majiktoker… There is much good info to glean from all the gurus here for sure @Countryboyjvd1971, I’m using it now on my WW right from sprout… Plants are growing well


Nice @Zombo yup @Majiktoker did mention it was @latewood that cams up with the idea of it as well but he did start telling the rest of us For sure I remember that conversation
I just potted 3 gold leaf tonight woohoo :raised_hands:


Tag me in on that one pls sir, interested on the GL grow goes… @Countryboyjvd1971


As soon as I start the tread @Zombo your in lol
Just potted them so I’ll start one when they pop
I did plant a gl and ww auto last week and the gl is bigger then the auto for sure lol
Pics and thread soon buddy :+1:


So the GL is not an auto, correct?.. I was gonna get some but thought those mothers grow big!.. @Countryboyjvd1971


@dbrn32 I ran an aggressive 4/2 light cycle for a while last year. I never saw faster growth in my life. But I’m actually going to switch from 18/6 down to a 16/8 schedule. Save electricity and keep it cooler. Might try this 14/10 schedule at some point though!



@ktreez420 You will love it buddy


@ktreez420 I’m with @Hogmaster give it a go you love it :heart_eyes:
Yes @Zombo the Gold Leaf are photo seeds
I don’t think they have Autos but I may be wrong
I started 4 all together 1 for a scrog screen and 3 for my other tent just doing some training
Woohoo :raised_hands: should be a nice run boys


Yes I have 2 autos one was an 80 day the second looks to be over 100


Being said I grow and have grown outside Ive used it for a while (considering its a natural cycle)


@Majiktoker good day sir yes sir I love the schedule works great only did a Auto under it so far but do not see my self going back to 18/6 lol
Just potted a few gold leaf o for a scrog grow and three for my other tent just some training so excited :laughing:
Woohoo :raised_hands: I want to say thanks for recommending this schedule to me originally
Very glad I decided to try it
Bonus we save $$$$ Whattttt lol
My outdoor ssh scrog is looking great to updating thread after work I’ll tag you
Just wanted to say hello and thanks bro long time no speak and all that
:+1: :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Sounds good bro, I got some updating to do as well dont really wanna hijack this thread so will talk more when you get your thread updated


@Majiktoker well tag me when you do bro


Sure thing buddy :+1:


i am having great success with 20/4 lighting, just as a testimonial

i am against 24 hour lights, but 20/4 seems to be about what they want. maybe 19/5 would be better as they start getting limp about an hour before lights out

but then again, maybe that is just them preparing for lights out

within an hour of waking, they are , erm, no longer limp but generally fully erect

im talking leaves here

but yeah, i am happy with 20/4 and the plants seem to be as well. just my $0.02


Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you have an auto, doesn’t a longer growth time in general mean you will have a better yield? I’m not understanding the concern about not flowering.


How do I get there from 18/6?


Hey @Whodat66 I am guessing you’re right about the longer growth time will produce a better yield in the end… but since this is my first grow I was hoping for a quicker turnaround which is why 24/0 probably wasn’t the best idea when I started. My next grow I will probably use photo plants to have more control but yea… went with autos this time since they are supposed to be easier and are advertised overall as quick to finish.