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Hi all - I have 3 plants (2 white widow autos, 1 sour diesel auto) growing together in an 18gal reservoir, 4x4x6 tent, and 350W LED. They have been on a 24/0 light schedule since they sprouted. The white widow autos are from ILGM and the sour diesel is from another seed bank. They are all 35 days from seed and none have started flowering. Two of them (one white widow and the sour diesel) are showing the female white pistils at the node sites and the third isn’t showing anything yet.

I was wondering if these should be flowering by now, as most of the reading I have done suggests autos should already be flowering after a couple weeks of veg. The plants look very healthy, just some slight nute burn on one of them, and it is the middle one which is also the biggest.

Below are some pics… I am happy with the size they are now and am prepared for the 2-3 times stretch when they start flowering. I don’t want them to veg much longer or I think they will get too big. Should I change the light schedule (and if so, what to?) or just let them keep doing their thing?

Thanks for any suggestions… first time grower here!


Hi and welcome. Since you have autos, and I am new at this whole thing, they do their own thing without regard to the number of hours that they have light. So dropping them to 12/12 shouldn’t make much of a difference one way or another and will save you some on your electric bill. They will start flowering when their genetics tell them to and from what I understand there is some leeway with the number of days it takes to flower them. I have 2 White Widow autos, the first one bloomed at 56 days from germination and the second one at 58 days, they were on a 14/10 light schedule. I know that @Rugar89 has an auto, can’t remember which kind, that is past that 56 day point or at least close to it. One of the many things I have learned in the past couple of months from all of these great growers is that patience is a virtue and each plant has its own timetable. Good luck


Welcome to the forum! More people will be along shortly who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I haven’t experienced an autoflower yet, but I’m considering a few for the next grow. Thanks for posting your beautiful girls.


My auto is on day 45 and has not flowered yet. There is no set rule to them, but I wish there was because I know how hard it is waiting. Hopefully we will both see flowers soon.


If their auto flowers they are going to grow the way they want to but I would suggest lowering your light schedule to maybe 14 on 10 off some people use 18 on six off I think they grow better what the longer dark period i’ve grown several with wonderful luck


I’m on day 61 without flowering. :thinking: Blueberry Auto

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And welcome to the form if you have any questions please feel free to ask the best way to get a hold of anybody is to use the @ symbol in front of their name @kLockwerk I would suggest do a lot of reading and as much likes as you can it will grant you more access faster :wink:


I only have experience with one autoflower outdoor grow, it started flowering right after 3 weeks. I read another thread where they suggested the importance of the night cycle for root growth, hormones, et cetera, I would go 18/6 or 14/10…


@Rugar89 Are you sure there are auto flowers


@Big123 I’ve always used 14/10 since it was suggested to me by @latewood A real good friend and I haven’t stopped using it ever sense then I dropped to 12/12 if I’m growing photos after a few months in veg but I grow the auto flowers in between photo grows all the time


Thanks everyone for the replies… What a great community this is!

Sounds like I need to just be patient since a couple of you others out there are weeks past me and still not flowering. I will consider changing the light schedule down from 24/0 to 18/6 though. I went with 24/0 initially since I didn’t get a timer, and read that autos didn’t require it. But it sounds like giving them some darkness might benefit them and maybe help guide them into flowering as well.

I also planted one white widow auto outside at the same time I started the indoor ones and it already started flowering, although it is a fraction of the size of my indoor plants. Since the outside one started flowering already it shows that either the dark period really does help induce earlier flowering even if its an auto, or its just a pure coincidence that it flowered before any of my indoor ones have.


I never heard of the 14/10 schedule until I came to this forum and I saw so many people say how it had worked for them that I figured that an extra 4 hours off of the lights would save me a ton of bucks with my 600 watt MH/HPS lights, If nothing else it made economical sense to me. I will say that I dropped to the 14/10 over a 7 day period to ensure that my plants didn’t react badly though. I just dropped to 12/12 last night but for 2 nights before that I went down to 13/11. I didn’t want to jinx myself with the way things were going!! I am sure you will do fine, with such fine guidance by @garrigan65, @Hogmaster, @latewood, @bob31, @dbrn32, @Majiktoker , @Countryboyjvd1971, @ktreez420 and so many others. We are our own best cheerleaders and want to see each of us succeed, and learn


Pretty curious too, as I’ve never done it either. One grower I talked to said it will work, but it extends veg time. In his opinion he didn’t really save because he had to veg longer to get to same point. His buddy said he was full of $hit, and it works fine without having to veg longer.

I took it as at least one of them being too proud to budge from their position lol.


That’s the question I’ve been asking you for weeks now. Flipping lights from 14/10 to 12/12 Weds night.



I see you joined us back on June 19th I hope that you got welcomed aboard. If not I Welcome you to our community of some of the best people you’ll ever meet .
and i’m sure your findind that out as i write thi…lol

If you ever need anything just ask we are all here to help and to have so fun as well.

Will 48


I grew my last Auto with the 14/10 schedule worked great finished off the grow in 57 days woohoo
I’ll be doing gold leaf under the 14/10 for veg as well
@latewood explained it to me basically it closest schedule to sunlight and @Hogmaster suggested I try it and I’d did
I’ll be using the 14/10 schedule from now on works great :+1: Imo


I still have that stubborn auto Bitc* that wont flower. Transplanted to a 5 gallon pot last week and now she is growing like crazy again, but still no flowering. Flipping the lights to see what happens on Weds.



I thought you and I talked about that a couple of weeks ago? No? @Rugar89


That’s what I would do sometimes they just need a little convincing hahaha


I have a 24k@3wks and a blueberry@2wks both autos on an 18/6 schedule that is recommended in veg state from many sources including the FFtrio feeding schedule.I think it makes sense to have more light during this stage of growth and then lowering to 14/10 during flowering.Planted in FFOF.