Autos weren't autos after all... Now what?

Hello, I ordered some Bergman’s Gold Leaf autos and germinated them on April 4th. A week or so ago they still have not began to flower. I came to the conclusion that the order got mixed up and they sent me BGL feminized seeds (I contacted ILGM and they sent me the right seeds, they are really great about correcting orders… awesome customer care and service).

Now the situation is this: I have 5 beautiful, bushy, happy plants; but, I started them off assuming they were autos. They have been on veg and bloom light at 6/18 schedule since they were a week old. Will they eventually flower if I leave them, or do I need to change lighting schedule? I don’t want to shock them. Should I move them outside or just let them go like they are. It is an indoor grow.

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Switch to a 12/12 lighting schedule and you will see them begin flowering in no time.


I’ve grown 25 white widow auto and some have taken as long as 3 months to flower. And that’s after I dropped my lights to 12/12

Should I keep both veg and bloom lights on? I will go out on a limb and say yes, but I am switching to 12/12 right now. This should not adversely affect they other autos that are flowering in the same room should it? Autos are autos right? I don’t have the space to put them in a separate grow room.

Sure, keep both switches turned on. The plants will take advantage of all the spectrum.
Switching to 12/12 won’t adversely affect your other plants. In theory, longer lighting will produce bigger crops and shorter lighting will produce quicker crops. In reality, every strain and every grow reacts differently.

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I had the same issue, too. I was advised to change the lighting to 12/12, and I noticed flowers starting today. You’re right about Bergman’s customer service. It totally rocks!

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I would post pics; however, in my state, they call it evidence. :slight_smile:

Lmao @ evidence. Know that feeling. But 12/12 should be right what the doc ordered. And true Berg has damn fibe customer service. BeST of luck with ur grow. And welcome to ILGM

Okay all, the 12/12 got them flowering. I use little nutes (every other watering), water every 4 or 5 days, use cloth pots, and have a small crowd (3 and 4) under two 1500 watt LED full spectrum lights. And, they are not auto’s.

New question is this: the Bergman’s Gold Leaf looks beautiful, it’s flowering, and the top big fan leaves are turning a lovely yellow. Is this why it is called Gold Leaf, or, do I have a problem? The leaves do not look wilted and other than being yellow, look healthy. They started in the middle by the veins and the yellow worked to the edges until the whole leaf was yellow. This is the most mature of the 5 I am growing. The other four are a lovely green. Will they go yellow?

As they age, you should taper down ur N, then as the real maturity sets in they turn to the fan leaves for that N. So it happens. But late in flower. How long have u been 12/12 and got any photos?

I don’t have a cell phone, and my camera is too old and won’t talk to my computer. That being said, they are budding up nicely… since the beginning of the month or so. About 2 or 3 days after switching the light. I wish I hadn’t started them like auto’s, they might have been even more awesome. anyway, does that mean I should clip the yellow leaves, they no good?

Let them go a bit. I tend to only pull leaves if they come off easily and to open up budsites to better light and airflow. Since ur yellowing, let her drain those generators dry

thanks. It’s hard, but I found if I keep the door to the grow room shut, the plants are happier. In other words, I mostly leave them alone.