Autos sprouted leaves growing horizontally

I have been really following through what everyone is suggesting on this forum .
Especially from you since starting and can’t thank you enough , I really don’t know why you though otherwise because I’m just a beginner who knows nothing and you guys have been supporting me through every step .

I tagged few other mates as they have written some articles about damping off as that problem we just figured out .

I have been giving them all three part base nutrient ( micro , grow and bloom )around 1/4 of recommend dosage and cal/mag ( 1ml/ltr )

Thinking to add some h202 today , as my roots are not growing that much ,

Even I’ll check for root bound .

Will keep in mind to give back enough info .

You may have been following through, but you just didn’t post about it. I would increase micro and grow. Bloom isn’t needed as much, but phosphorus is needed for root development.

Really just trying help.
Maybe @Myfriendis410 will have a few more suggestions.


I try and follow through every step ,
Literally treat them as my babies :sweat_smile:

If it’s damping off is it necessary roots will go brown or smell because I notice really slow root growth too ,

Adding h202 for more oxygen and ice pack for maintains temps

Temps are important, you can offset hydrogen peroxide with something that pumps out more air. Should be a rolling boil.


700 ppm is a bit high for seedlings.

The pH needs to be as close to 5.8 as possible, especially in dwc with seedlings that aren’t relying on cotyledons anymore.

As was mentioned, water temp is important in DWC. Ideally you should keep it under about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. With plenty of aeration and good microbes like from hydroguard being added can help, and dwc can be done with enough airflow and aeration up to nearly 78, maybe almost 80 degrees, but again you need the good microbes and the dissolved oxygen levels need to be as high as possible with at least high airflow aeration.

Also make sure your water levels aren’t too high – contributing to "drowning the roots at the base of the plant, some air space is good below the net pot, maybe a good centimeter at least, even up to a inch or more with well developed roots. And the bubbles should throw enough moisture up to the hydroton to keep the seedlings happy with roots that long.


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Hey thanks macG for advice .

I have set the ph close to 5.8 and changed the bucket with fresh water and nutes.

Even added sodium peroxide 3%
And temperature close to 74-76

Net pot and water has a inch of a gap btw.

Let’s hope for the best.

Thank you everyone for help. Will try and keep you updated .

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I assume you meant hydrogenperoxide.

But you need your “probiotics”, your good microbes, something like one these:

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Also, when I say as close as possible to 5.8 pH, it really shouldn’t be above 6.2 or below 5.5 pH in your dwc.


Ohh yes I meant hydrogen peroxide my bad :sweat_smile:

Keeping ph in the range . Will look for probiotic and add them as soon as possible

A question about those bas leaves , should i cut them off ? Or let them be for now ?

This response is the reason I know there are still good people, and this is the only forum you’ll probably ever see it. This goes out to everyone, thanks for making my first grow easy. I cannot wait to show pics.


@MacGyverStoner I have ordered vodoo juice from advance nutrient hope that works .

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Hey guys hope everyone is doing fine .
@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @TDubWilly @MacGyverStoner

Wanted to update you guys , I cut the damaged leaves , as they had become too dry
And felt was affecting new growth too.

The deficiency is still spreading to new set of leaves but still their new growth is seen too .

Even I noticed change in colour of nutrient water after some days ( is that Normal May be due to ph up or down or h202)

Wanted to try one more thing that is wanted to ditch my tap water and see if May be that is causing the problem . So today in one bucket i changed water from tap to distilled added nuts + cal/mag and hydrogen peroxide too , waiting for vodoo juice.

Anything else you guys wanna suggest ?


There’s your problem. No peroxide as it will stunt the roots. Peroxide is used between rez changes to sterilize totes and lines.

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Bingo :v:

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Just used h202(3%)once that too 2 days ago only , for extra oxygen until I get my probiotic delivered . Will not use it again if you suggest against it


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I can attest to this the plants definitely do grow in the dark actually I’ve noticed more growth some nights

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