Autos sprouted leaves growing horizontally


I have some issues , I will attempt to outline them all here and will appreciate any thoughts, comments and advice.

This is my first ever grow , I made my own grow box 4*2 and 5ft tall , and using 2 200w LED GROW LIGHT , with DWC system

sprouted 4 of my auto seed in paper towel Method
Got my tap root in just 28-30 hours
Transferred it to seedling tray with coco coir in it ( from which I’ll transfer it to my net pot in Dwc system when it has some good roots )

After I transferred sprouted seeds , from
Next day only 2 of them started growing horizontally one is growing fine and other with just cotyledons no true leaves.

Please help .

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Should straighten out after a bit.

They did very next day thank you :slight_smile:

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@Covertgrower please advice
Thank you in advance

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You can plant directly into the hydroton. You’ll have to top feed water and nutrients. 400ppm

Directly you mean with coco coir attached to roots , or should I wash them before ?
Sorry for sounding like noob :sweat_smile:


You can wash it off, or leave it. Leaving it won’t cause any issues.

Secondly, we all were once. I started on here. I will never knock someone for asking a question because I was that person. You’ll never educate yourself if you don’t ask. If you don’t know, knowing is half battle.


Hey , I transferred them to their original net pot successfully without any problem and started their feeding schedule too with around
300ppm .

I checked the ph next day it increased by almost 1 point as in from 5.8 to 6.8

And little bit yellow colour too

Natural lighting helps. Are you top feeding until the roots hit the water?
Light should be 18-24” above the plants.

Not top feeding because because roots are getting pretty wet from water splashing due to air pump , and lights are almost at 30-32

And one of it is showing some deficiency on tip it’s greyish , sorry couldn’t capture in natural light , I’ll try to get a better picture later .

Yesterday I changed the lightening schedule to 18/6 from 24hr may be due to this ?

Any thoughts ?

What are the advantages of this?

It’s probably nutrient burn, but I can’t tell from the pictures blurple color.

Though it might be a better schedule.
Advice ?

Attaching a better picture

Looks fine. The only thing that lighting schedule changes is the amount of money that comes out of your wallet.

Same things started in another one too , should i be worried ? Ppm is around 370 ( with cal/mag and basic nutrient )

Should I give them light 24hrs ? I have no issue on wallet I need what best for them

I prefer 12/12 plants get a rest, and it’s easier on my wallet. You’re not gaining anything on 24/0. Plants grow in the dark too.