Autos - slow to flower

           I am at day 49 with my 16 WW autos. I completely switched over to HPS and 2700k cfl's. The flowering has started on most plants but not all. They look bushy and beautiful....but the lack of flowering has me concerned. At the advice of your moderator on the support forum...I will be switching over to 12/12 light as of today. But the problem is this.....I had intentions on having a perpetual grow - all in the same room...and now I don't see that as being possible due to the light change. Everything I purchased and setup was geared towards auto plants. I have 24 seeds left to germinate and I am not sure what to do next. 


Very nice looking grow.

I am sorry to hear about your dilemma. I always thought auto-flowers were able to be under regular veg photo period of 18/6. Honestly; I do not know what to tell at this point. I can say this; If I had some plants flowering, the nI would not change the photo period. If none were showing flowers; I might consider shortening the photo period, but in your case, having made a grow schedule, and planning on perpetual grow (which is really done with clones, necessitating 2 grow spaces. One for Moms, clones, and veg, the other bigger space for flowering) FYI.

I just bought an awesome 2’ x 2’ 4 tube T5 off ebay for 55 bucks. This would be your best upgrade, and allow a nice little propagation area for you, which would solve your issue with a minimal, yet efficient change of plans.

Keep in mind; Grow rooms, and plans are in constant flux when growing. Hope this helps. lw


As far as I know, they should be fine under 18/6 as well. Hopefully Robert will have some sort of schedule published in the blog about a recommended auto-flower schedule or more specifics for the various auto-flower hybrids.


How are your ww autos doing?
Did they ever go to flower under 18 hours of light?
I have some ww autos also.


Auto flower plants mean just that. They flower automatically, and flower fast. They are not bread to grow big; Or, provide a massive yield.

You can grow auto flower plants under maximum photo periods in order to provide the best yield.

Auto flower genetics are designed for Medical Marijuana patients who have very little space to grow in. This hybrid does not grow big, or provide massive yields. Hope this helps.

Never lower your light photo period when growing autoflowers. I recommend 20/4. All plants need some rest.

Note: some growers insist on 24/0. I cannot dispute their word; But, I would allow a bit of rest for the babies. Peace lw