Autos ? Reg ? Fem ? Phen?

Has anyone ran into or seen an auto with the whole plant in full bloom and theres only 3 fingers per leaf, theres no normal looking leafs all are 3finger max and alot of the suger leafs are singles…


Also buds almost look hermeid due to the colaxes are so big

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That’s new to me. I think it looks pretty cool though. Thanks for sharing. I’m curious to hear what others say.

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Wicked looking plant for sure!

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No clue, but gotta admit shes pretty


any chance of pics with natural light

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Odd looking indeed. I’m going with some degree of hermaphrodite activity but not sure. No, never saw anything like it but boy, do I Love Growing Marijuana


Frisian Duck?

What strain is this? I recently started a mother and she did the same thing, so I trashed her and popped a new seed. Set the start of my next grow back a few weeks.

I’m thinking light is getting to the plant at night causing the plant to want to go back to veg. If light is getting to her in any way when the lights are off this could be the problem. Otherwise she looks great.

I had a auto that looked similar to yours. My research led me to believe that it had a stronger ruderalis phenotype. But I could be wrong

From my understanding the ruderalis phenotype is what causes the plant to start flowering regardless of the amount of light it receives. So the ruderalis is what allowed autfloweting strains to come about. They grow In Russia and Alaska where they have very short summers.


All autos have different genes. A 3 leaf plant i would call part of the ruderalis family. Usually cross breed with photos to create and auto flowering plant.


I agree with the above two assessments. The three finger leaves come from the ruderalis gene.

The calyx swelling like they are means they are full of the oils that are so beneficial to us.

She looks good…

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Very nice friend

: wink:

I have Blueberry auto last grow and same. 3 leafs.
I was worried as hell, but after harvest and little toke my worries gone.
I must agree others and say this is most ruderalis.