Autos ready to cut?

I’m on here a lot lately with questions. I’m wanting to get the highest THC content in my bud, so I’ve been looking at this chart. Going by the chart I think it may be about time to cut, but would like some input from some experienced growers.

Hate to be the barer of bad news but you are looking at the trichomes of the leaves

You have to check the trichomes on the bud, not the leaves as leaves get amber trichomes long before the buds

And I can tell just by the trichomes on the leaves you have weeks to go
Maybe even a month or more


I have to zoom in on the pics, sorry they’re not clearer.

Ooohhhhhhh!!! Now I’ll go back outside and take more pics, lol.

Yeah sorry but we need close up on trichomes of actual buds :grinning:

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I have this pic. I’ll go by it from now on. Thanks grizZz.

Pics of my buds.

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Check the lower buds also…you WILL see a difference in maturity rates and it IS ok to harvest different bud stems at different times…including the main cola stem. Just make sure to check the buds and not the leaves :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

Get your scope/magnifier much closer to the buds to get a better/close-up looks at the trichomes.

Pretty purple on the first pic. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize that about harvesting different stems at different times, thank you. So, in any of the bud pics above, do you see any that are near to harvest? My girls are in their 11th week, and were supposed to be harvested between 10-12 weeks. Just wanting to know for reference.

We can’t tell from those pics. As @Twilve1 mentioned, you’ll need to get zoomed in more. So much so it should look like the samples you were using in the pic to compare.

Like this close:


@OooWee1184 oooweee :star_struck:


Is that a purple Bruce Banner? You should add your plant to this thread.


Always check the buds vs the sugar leaves. Sugar leaves will change faster than the buds.

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So, since they’re not ready to harvest, and I’ve already flushed them, should I give them some nutes to get them back on track?

When you said in their 11th week, did you mean from sprout or from when they started flowering? The times you’ll see on the seed banks (ILGM included) are generally weeks of flowering time, not seed to harvest and can only be used as a rough guideline regardless.

Personally, I’d feed them. A regular pic of the whole bud would be helpful.

Generally you can start looking up close at the trichomes once most if not all of the white pistils have receded and started turning reddish brown. Hard to get the full picture of where you are without a shot of the plant / a full bud.

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@CygnusX1 do these help any? I’ve use a loupe, zoomed in, not used a loupe, and now I’ll try this. Yeah, they’re in their 11th week from seed. They budded at three weeks, so I’ve got a while. A buddy told me my BB was ready, but I wanted more input.

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They help a LOT actually… The bad news is you have a while left. The good news is the plants look great and those buds will fatten up quite a bit before you have to pull them.

You probably have several weeks to go still. When you see most of the pistils (the larger “hairs” visible to the naked eye) recede and go brown you’ll want to start looking at the trichomes with magnification.

Here’s a really good video that’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.


Agree with @CygnusX1 They’re not ready yet. Too flowery currently. Gotta wait for those buds to fatten up/form more. As mentioned above, watch the pistils. They’ll tell you when to start checking.

Good news is that they look healthy! Nice work :slight_smile: