Autos or Feminized?

I forgot what I bought, it’s been over a year. I got myself GDP seeds but don’t remember if they were autos or not. I flipped today and wonder what outcomes I can expect. I bought them from here.

You can log into your account to see what you ordered.

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Problem there is after a year I forgot my name and password so setup a new account :frowning:

If you haven’t started growing them, you will find out pretty fast if it’s a Auto or Fem once planted. I’m guessing Auto.

Are they still in the bags they came in? If so there is an identifier on the label. If you see the letters FAP at the end it’s an auto. If it’s just FP it’s a photo.

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They say FP5 on the baggies? So Photo! that’s great news, Thanks, now if I can sex the plant with it being so dang bushy…

Not autos. The 5 notes how many seeds

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Shouldn’t need to sex it. The F stands for feminized.


Awesome again , thanks very much for getting me straightened out!

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@latewood can you help this guy get his old account back

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