Auto's on Auto-Pilot



Had to have some proof though I don’t have a scale large enough to weigh my harvest in one batch.
I give you 8.8 zips of BBA


You ready to hack one of those lights yet??? I would love to see how well the grow does.


Amazing!!! Would gladly smoke one of these with ya!!!


My wife bought the scale at I think harbor freight

I place the baking pan on top of the bowl and zero it out. Then place my buds in it to get weight this might be a solution to you finding a big enough scale and it was like $18


Very nice. We have a HF just up the road a piece. Thanks.


Interesting offer and I may just take you up on that in the next week or two as I ready the tent for Tangie and Purple Haze. Thanks @dbrn32. Hahaha I have china lights coming out the wazoo. 7 total so I am game to hack one or even maybe two of my original 300w galaxyhydro’s


I have to chuckle. I can tell the nugs from the last few sticks as trimming gets so tedious I begin to just mail it in lol tons of sugar leaves on some of those but I have four stuffed plastic grocery bags of fresh frozen trim and sugar leaves in the freezer!

Example of mailing it in hahahaha there are still burnt tips on there hahahaha


I’m in, just say the word when you’re ready. If you still have that pic of driver labels would help a bunch too.


You will love it!!!


I get the same way when I’m on those last few😂


Cool. I’m sure I do just would take a few to find the right folder!!! Thanks Brother!!


Damn I could use one of those nugs :drooling_face: great job man! :clap: I’m officially dry today :expressionless: and harvest isn’t for a little bit. Going to be rough trying to sleep. I just keep smelling my plants in the tents lol looks like she made up for most of the bud you lost.


As the luck has been going, just as I drop beans for my next grow, my exhaust fan starts sounding like a bearing is bad. I received an RMA on the cheapo ipower fan so a new one is enroute to me. I will store that for backup. I grabbed a Cadillac upgrade!!


Nice! Haven’t seen one of those in some time.


Ive got eyes on this fan for some times now, they just started selling them on, pretty cool features and DB seems low on that model!

Still cant go wrong with canfans i guess!


My 4” is very nice. @Covertgrower has 6” and seems to be very happy with it.


I eyed that one quite a bit @Blasting it is nice. Some of the reviews had it cycling quite often though that was not necessarily what steered me away. I guess I just like to hand tune things. I slapped my inlet fan on the speed controller and with this can fan having 3 settings, so far, on low (22?? cfm) it’s working nicely and my tent is at least 50% quieter. Stealth not required, the fans are a constant so quieter is always better. Loving it so far but looking at the can filter they rec (can 50) it says 55lbs. My tent could never handle that hahahaha unless I ran lines to the joists above the tent.


The can is a nice fan too. I think one of the things people miss with the ac infinity fans is that it can be used a number of different ways. It can run all the time at a set speed with I think 5 speed choices. Or use one of the other more automated modes. They were just released when I purchased mine, so I hadn’t really looked at reviews. The biggest thing that jumped out to me was all the possibilities for the price. My Hyperfan was $140, the temp speed controller for it was another $80.