Auto's on Auto-Pilot



AK47 Supercropped bud porn



Color me jelly… green jelly! :sunglasses:


Damn looking very nice!!!


I love it you’re a mean growing machine!


Those are chunky colas!


Loving my outdoor auto’s but the Amnesia Haze is not liking something as she is foxtailing and growing funky tops. AK47 is shaping up to look fairly nice and a bit more dense colas. PHA in the autopot just started getting overdrive and she is normal looking, getting stick AF and smells delicious. High hopes for that gal.

Thanks for taking a look @Covertgrower @GreenThunder @Sirsmokes

Heading out for a bit and been mixing nutes, filling res’s and testing water, feeding tomatoes, hunting rodents.
Be back late tomorrow but both AP plants are sucking down a gallon per day each, easily. BBA looks a site but she’s swelling big time and tops as hard as nails.

Pray my colas are still there to film when I return…


mine did that as well @Screwauger,i would not worry…


it still has time to fill up! chunky foxtailed potent colas seems fine ;D


Wrong thread my bad. lmfao


Looking great, man.


Cool beans Brother. Thanks for the voice of experience!! @BIGE


@Screwauger @Blasting @BIGE
That brings up a question I’ve had since I started growing. It seems like people talk about foxtailing like it’s a bad thing. I understand that a random foxtail coming out of a big bud is not astheticly pleasing but it’s still bud, right? Why is it bad?


I’m not sure it is bad but like you I’ve heard it associated with grow maladies like too much light or other such problems! I will take any and all dope in the jar that’s the bottom line lol @SilentHippie


Chillin’ with The Bubble in New Hampshire


I see that lighter and I have to ask did it come in a 5 pack lol I got that same lighter. And one that looks like a lunch meat sandwich



Yes it did @Sirsmokes hahaha. I also got a psychedelic one looks like a deadhead lighter. Lol


That’s too funny


Hope your day is going well @Screwauger

Your’s and @Sirsmokes ‘s lighter paid a visit to my neck of the woods lol. And a good morning with Bubblegum. :grin: