Auto's on Auto-Pilot

Hey ILGM Gang! Here I is, a few weeks late but eager to get started. I am still organizing my thoughts and plan and figured one of the best ways to do that is to begin a Journal and document stream of consciousness type planning. This will be my third indoor grow since recreational marijuana cultivation became legal in my state in January 2017. I grew two photo plants in a scrog my first grow. My second grow was three autoflower plants with just gentle LST. This grow will be two autoflower strains with Gentle LST.

I have had a very hectic and stressful year so far as is noted in other threads. Given those circumstances, I had planned to sow seeds 4/1/18 but it was not to be.

I will focus this Journal on my Tent Grow of two (2) Autoflower strains both in 3.9 gallon autopots. Each plant will have a dedicated 12 gallon reservoir and both with receive AN Ph Perfect Sensi Grow and Bloom 2-Part base nutrients. I will be using my own tap water which draws at 61ppm and about an 8.4 pH. Both autopot pots are filled with straight coco coir with no additional perlite or other substances. Both autopot pots have air domes placed in the bottom of the pot and will receive approx 11lpm once activated at approximately day 21 from sprout. Both pots have root control discs placed under the airdomes and both have “pot socks.” I have my additives all lined up and they are as follows:

At 7:00 am today I dropped
1 Blueberry Auto (ILGM)
1 AK 47 Auto (ILGM-gifted)

My pots were filled a couple weeks ago and the coco rinsed with 10 gallons of ph balanced water with added calmag at 1ml/L then allowed to drain well for two weeks. This morning I watered each of the two pots with 1.5L of 5.8pH, 2ml/L voodoo juice and 1ml/L calmag (generally in a 6"inch circle in the center of the pot where I plan to sow the beans). Each pot will be allowed to drain and warm up under the lights until I have 1cm tails on my germinated seeds 48-72 hrs.

For those not familiar with autopots, plants have to be hand or top watered until they have established a root structure sufficient to wick nutrients from the tray below. This is typically about three weeks or generally, when a set of leaves is as wide as the pot. I am going to follow my last auto grow as closely as possible which means, I will sow my germinated seeds directly into the autopot pots that have been “pre-charged” and then it’s hands off until LST begins.


All right @Screwauger! Off to the races. Good luck and happy growing. I’ll be watching.

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ima watching @Screwauger

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Thanks @BIGE and Thanks for watching! Like offspring!!

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i added rhino skin to my line up as well…

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Nice. The Grotek Pro Silicate I was using was a no-go in the AP’s. Turned clumpy and chalky in the res. We will see what the rhino does!!


I’m watching with eager enthusiasm @Screwauger

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Welcome Folks! Appreciate you jumping on board. I will likely go tag crazy once I get a few more things in order and some progress. I am eager to see if I can reproduce my 8(ish) ounce per plant average this grow. Right off the bat, I will be fighting low RH and I already know the humidifier I purchased and used for months, made no significant movement in my tent RH wise. We will see, I will be going passive, and machine so we will see if I can get the RH up to a respectable 50+ for veg period.


I will definitely be watching, Especially since you are in coco. :grinning:


Next grow will be wiffle balls medium. It’s the new thang!! /s @Not2SureYet


Set to watching @Screwauger - I’m a big fan of your results! Auto-trees! :deciduous_tree: I know nothing about autopots or that line of nutrients but I am always up for learning new stuff. Best of luck!

Wiffle balls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks @Momtomask

I appreciate the kind words and I am sure shooting for trees again. Two ILGM strains I sure hope to gather up Bud of the Month worthy shots!!!

Goal one: Harvest enough gear to last another grow.
Goal two: No burnt tips or nute burn
Goal three: Proactive autopot maintenance

Autopots are cool, they are not the only cool “hands-off” grow methods, for now I am sticking with them until they wear out or I get a good deal on something similar.


Looks like a nice setup, with the auto pots. I’ll be watching!:+1::+1:

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Ohhh I have been waiting for this man! No dark devil tough:( mr blasting is sad

I see what you mean at goal two… Next grow I most likely will only grow two plants like you do so one res for each and will go very low on nutes, i think i prefer fixing as small def over burnt tips… These annoys me wish they would dissapear once nute burn is fixed lolll

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Funny you say that @Blasting

I am dropping two more auto’s for the backyard
1 Dark Devil
1 Amnesia Haze

I plan to grow them in the tent for 4 wks or so, harden them off and place them in full sun to flower right in their pots. Wish I had some 7 gallon smart pots for them but going with whats on hand.

Dark Devils are burning a hole in my mind so yes, she gets dropped soon.


Yay! Already excited to see these amazing colored buds! Still not sure what to grow next as I have to stop until mid june-beginning of july after this grow so I am giving back the blue cheese to my friend. My hindu kush will most likely end outside when possible.

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So far I have no issues with it it has not crystallized or anything still looks like it did when I opened it up not even a nasty residue at the cap threads

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I’m in. Shame the Blueberry isn’t going outside…

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Hey @FloridaSon and all yall’s (as my daughter says).

I dropped the amnesia haze auto and dark devil auto, so four beans soaking.
Two will have to exit the tent about 5/26 (or when it gets crowded).
Not sure which two will leave the tent…blueberry would be nice but I fear she wont produce as well (and I love this stuff) outside the autopot system (continuous feeding). But the more I’ve thought about it it will likely be the two “weakest” plants that I jettison.

I might be taking on a bit much with 4 strains, think I remember vowing not to do this again, hahaha.
It will be a blast, no doubt.



Nice to know, thanks @Sirsmokes !!