Autos less than a month old and started flowering lol

Daaaaaaang, started a few Bluefruit autos 8/15 and they have officially started flowering. They are really healthy and about 12" tall by 8" wide. I knew autos were fast but this is unheard of for me. I have some Bruce Banner and Blueberry Gusto autos going in another tent. Same seed bank, but those flowered at about a month and a half. I like the speed of autos, but they really do have a mind of their own. I’m just trying to keep up. I also have a gold leaf photo and banana kush photo going that are in week 3 flower. All doing well, just wanted to share for anyone new to autos.


We’ve seen one auto here on the forum that flowered at 2 weeks. There have been several that flowered at 3 weeks and far more that flowered at 4 weeks.

I have a few auto seeds and might give them a go this Winter since I’ve always grown photos. I think I’ll give 3 of them a go just for the fun of it.


Oh they’re fun, you just have to throw out most conventional wisdom lol. I literally have them under a veg light and they go and do this. I’ll move them to the flower tent when the bruce banner and blueberry gusto are done in a few weeks. Not really an issue, just fast. I’ve only done a few grows of autos and it surprised me.


I had an auto start at 13 days, finished right at 60. Tiny little thing, i think i got a half off of it.


Ive got two watermelon OG Autos im going to run this winter for S&Gs


That strain sounds fire

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