Autos leaves seem funky

These are superskunk autos from ILGM in coco coir and perlite mix… they’ve been needing watering and feeding daily lite feedings they are still growing think I’m around day 36 from sprout leaves look abnormal from any other cannabis plants I’ve grown temps are good humidity is good is this just the genetics or am I doing something wrong

maybe I am just being paranoid and they are doing just fine haha

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Looks fine. Just drooping a bit. If the drooping is chronic it could be a problem. If it’s a one-off I wouldn’t worry about it.

Drooping is most frequently caused by overwatering, but pH and nutes can cause it too.

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Would you say 2 much nutes or not enough? I know I’m not over watering the pots get lite daily if they don’t I don’t water and I was told to do lite feedings every water with coco becuase they have no nutrition for plants I’m using fox farms… I wouldn’t say there super droopy yet but last week they were slightly more perky also many more leaves than last week it seems had to do a lot of tucking today