Autos in subtropical climate outdoors


Want a quick outdoor harvest. Subtropical, 94 highest temp exposure. Is the climate suitable for autos?


I’m not sure on outside growing as I have only used a tent in the basement but I start getting nervous at 80 and try not to let it get above there but @FloridaSon prefers growing outside and lives in florida so he will be the man to ask about the challenges in growing in high heat and humidity environment


growing autos, outdoors atm , with no ill affects,and we have had temps over 110f.


If you start plants outdoors, they become used to those conditions from a young age and can handle very diverse weather e.g. heat, cold, rain. Only problem with tropics is humidity, if you are in heavy flower stage with very high humidity then your in for some problems


Hey, Brother.

The autos I did were fine. Try to get the earliest Sun light that you can. If you plan on flowering during the hot months, look for a spot that also provides filtered light from between 1pm and 3pm. As BondPacker said, these plants acclimate well to wherever you start them.

I suggest the filtered light during the intense parts of the day because of the ruderalis gene in the autos. Not that they can’t take it, but I’ve seen a little heat stress with one I did before.

Around the 15th I plan on dropping a couple more Blueberry autos to be done outside. I won’t get the color I want, but everything else should be great! I love autos!!

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