Autos in Southern California during the Fall

I just received some Girl Scott Cookie Extreme auto flower seeds in the mail and arrived quickly from ILGM!!! I’ve got all the Fox Farms nutrients and soil and was planning on growing them outdoors.

Would it be safe to assume that they should grow outdoors as I’m in San Diego and it doesn’t get hot and the cold snaps usually don’t start till December? I’ve got the perfect spot for optimal sun :sunny: in the backyard. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I’m rookie but plenty geeked to get started. Thanks!

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Autos are pretty tough and don’t mind the cooler temperatures it seems like everything I’ve been reading agrees on 60° being the lowest temperature for them to grow decently

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@Stoked3000 Welcome to the community…! Im doing and experimental type thing…I started (Germed and sprouted) My 2nd harvest of Auto in August (Knowing that this was way late…but wanted to test the “Ruderelis” in the strains/Autos…So far so good with daytime temps from 70s to 80s and night temps around the low to mid 50s They are doing pretty damn good compared to the first batch set out in May....I think in San'll be more then fine! As far as suggestions: Hey read, read learn..Develop your own thing that works for YOU! My GSCE wasn't that impressive... The Caterpillar got to its hard to say what it would have turned out like IF ? and yeah it is a trip growing your own..pretty much no matter how the first "crop" comes out ..You'll be happy and feel good that you grew your own shit and now ..Enjoy it!...Granted youll ( I) will get better and better each crop… Good Luck!


@AL_GREEN I also found that the autos set out in May do not do well at all and the buds at that time of year attract mold bad.

The WW Autos started July 1st grew to substantial size 5 plus foot. Those that I started late August stayed short and started flowering quickly which leads me to believe I will start all Autos July 1st next year.