Autos in preflower? What nutes now?

Hello peeps. These are my 4 white widow autos that are at 6 weeks for 3 and 5 weeks for the runt in back left. I got them from ILGM so im sure the genetics should be solid. But being a noob im wondering if they are in preflower. I just moved the light sched from 18/6 to 12/12 The soil is ffof. So i really havnt given them much in the way of nutes yet. Ive got the ff trio and some cal mag but im not sure about the ratios. I mean i have the nutes chart but id like an expert opinion. I think they need more and different nutes in flower yes? As a side…i have to be out of town this labor day weekend. Im wondering if i i can give them a good drink on Friday and be good for the weekend. Be back Mon. The girls are in a grow tent, lights on timer, ventilated and fans. RH stays around 55 to 60% and temps between 73 and 81f. I dont have anyone to look in on them, not that id want them to. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. You guys all rock. Laddies too…lol.


What are your runoff numbers? I grew the wwa in FFOF and they didn’t get fed anything until they were around 8 weeks old. They look great and yes they are flowering and probably still stretching.

As far as feeding them…I would first like to know your runoff ppm and ph

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No run off yet. Have been giving 8 to 16 oz water every 3 to 4 days. Ph at 6.5. to 6.9.

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I started half does @ week 4 didn’t do full dose till week 6, this is my first grow so not a expert at all, is 12/12 good for autos? ,I have been running mine at 20 on 4 off their entire life,they are 8 weeks today

Hey @tinman only my first real effort myself but what i gather from info here on this forum is that autos dont care what light sched there on. They do what they do on their own. That being said…i think they do alot of growing in the dark at least thats my understanding. Plus why waste energy if its not needed.


What soil and what size pot do you have them in? They should have what they need in FF ocean forest for the first 6-8 weeks. The PPM’s of run off will let you know if and when they need fed.
For my autoflowers I use 5 gallon cloth pots and happy frog soil. At that age mine usually need watered about every 3 days. I water until run off and check the pH and ppm of the run off. I let mine dry out before next watering. I can leave mine for a 3 day weekend away without problems.
Autos are fine under whatever light schedule. I use 18/6 light schedule.
Can you get pics under normal lights for us? It’s hard to really see the leaves well under the blurple light.
Looks like 3 of your girls are flowering. I can’t tell on the one in the back left.
When in flower they need less N and more P and K . I use FF nutes according to their schedule.
There are some fine growers here that can help you out. I would start a journal if I were you. It will help us help you.


They are in 3 1/2 gal pots. The runt in the back is kind of an experiment. I trans planted to 5 gal pot and i think i stressed her out. I will try and get better pics later today.

Loads of great help above. Id also not feed quite yet. In another week or 3 a light PK leaning feed maybe recommended (the first bloom feed on ur chart @ 1/2 strength) but those runoff numbers would be awesome to be sure

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Good job everyone.

While I’m at it: kudos to @Drinkslinger, @PurpNGold74, @Covertgrower, @Mrcrabs, @Not2SureYet, @Bogleg, @imSICKkid and more I’ve not named for helping with good advice.