Autos in Late Flower Foxtailing? Bruce Banner purple Pheno?

Hey growers,
Is my blueberry foxtailing? Instead of a conical shape, my buds are looking like mini pyramids.

Has anyone else growing Bruce Banner buds turned purple?
I was wanting more of the bright green pheno then purple.

I haven’t grown that strain but i think if temperatures are low 60s to high 50s alot of the ladys get all colorful in purple

Skywalker og i didn’t think it would but it did

@FizziceCold YES to the purple Bruce…VERY purple the phenos are weird with Bruce ive noticed…One was almost black/purple and the other not as purple…I got an invasion of insects so I had to scrap most of it last season…Blue berry/auto was my first outdoor grow 2020 It was very rewarding but my mistake was to ONLY grow BB now I know better and do several (about 7) different varieties from now on> Are your plnats all Autos? @My1goodeye nice Skywalker…Ive been wanting to try that one too!!!


I really need to grow some Skywalker again. My middle child’s favorite for insomnia.

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Its pretty good strain i like it…

More Skywalker OG

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Its nice strain

@My1goodeye Vera nice Skywalker pics! I grew Lea and clones her and had Gary. Only got a zip of each but made a world of difference in my kiddos sleep!

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Thank you and yeah it helps

Looks like foxtailing to me. Is your light to intense? I bought an hlg 350r not realizing how powerful it was, and started using it at 7 weeks of 12/12. Got foxtails right away which I’m assuming meant I had it set to intense.

Ok im new to all this so what is a foxtail ?