Autos in FF Soil

So I ended up snagging a pack of auto seeds i have only ever grown photos with that being said ive always heard autos are harder and more picky and obviously not alot of room for error due to lack of control with growth phases ive also ever only grown in soil specifically Fox Farms soil I typically will use ocean forest on the bottom 1/3 of my pot with Happy Frog filling the remaining 2/3 on top i like to believe i have a good grasp on what im doing ive had 4 grows under my belt prety much im looking for anyone else here that grows autos in FF soil id like tips and tricks/pointers if possible TIA

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Seems like you do. You have all the tools right? Ph pen, tds meter etc etc.

I don’t think harder is right. I’m only on grow two and I’m not finding them hard at all. Picky, now that part I agree with. With Auto’s and nutes it’s less is more. Is it that way with Photos?

It’s not that there is not room for error, there is not room for continued error. High stress and Auto’s don’t mix exactly. It’s argued a bunch not to top or FIM auto’s. In this and the grow before it I topped 2 and each time they were the biggest yielder’s in the tent. That being said only low stress training should be done with auto’s. For bigger yields you will want to LST. Start training like week 2 or 3. I’ve never done a photo, do you lst the branches?
Less defoliation is a good tip too.

I have two journals, both auto’s and grown FFOF start to finish. I’ll tag you in em so you can check it out if you want.
Likely be a smaller plant overall then your used too.

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Yeah I have all tools need to control anything and everything i grow in a 4x2 so I tend to utilize alot of LST in my tent so that they don’t get to big also do scrogging as well I also top/fim


Your pretty set. Happy growing!

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