Autos hydro or soil?

Hey everyone. I’m in Vegas. I bought a new tent a while back. It’s very large. Larger than I thought when I got it. I have a very very hard time keeping humidity up in the tent. I am trying to do auto flowers also which I’m having issues with. I cannot get them happy at all. They are a nightmare. 3 weeks old only 3 inches and starting to flower. I am using DWC method but looking at everyone on YouTube doing autos they all are using soil. So is soil the way to go here?


I’m sure the question is very debatable, I feel like the key to being successful with autos is getting off to a good start, Without any issues. Veg time being short. Photos are more forgiving. Personally I grow Autos in Ocean Forest soil . Most of the time no feeding till flower stage. Just my thoughts good luck


Autos preform sub par in soil, I’m an auto grower and have been for some time.

Autos need an optimal environment to grow well in the short amount of time they have, the more work it is to grow for a plant the longer it takes.

Extracting nutrients from soil is a time consuming and energy heavy process, thus not ideal for autos.
Buckets are fine but as with any setup its going to take time to learn your setup.

Going to soil would be stepping backwards honestly.
Autos are a steeper learning curve, but totally doable. You could switch to photos or an easier medium like coco but you are already invested in the buckets so might as well stick with your system and learn it.

It’s all about giving your plant the best environment as possible, your playing God so do a good job and you’ll have good growth.
5.8 ph
Follow nutrient feed chart.
Keep temp at 79f, or a bit cooler but not hotter, they like it warm but no hotter.

A significant amount of quality light.
Good fresh airflow, make sure your oxygen rich exhaust air is sent outside of the house or your trying to grow plants in a co2 lacking environment and it doesn’t work well.

Then of course humidty, follow a VPD chart for your phase of growth like this.


I had the same issue.
I bought 1 and did ok then I placed a 2nd humidifier in the tent and did the trick.
Good luck.

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Ive had success and not good outcomes both with hydro style. So far for auto i fond canna coco is super easy on autos as long as u do all else right. Canna coco is totally inert. Which mean what u expand it with is what is in yhe fibers nothing else. Ig u run into a problem it is super easy to flush out and start over with a fresh batch of nutes. It does require more watering so it dont dry unlike soil so if u have the extra water time try coco. I wont go back to soil i dont think


Good soil will feed the plant for weeks, one less thing to mess up. All the autos I’ve seen grown in soil do just fine, one of the main things is to take a step back and let the plant do it’s thing, if your constantly in the grow space thinking they need this and that your just creating more problems for yourself. I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes, do what works for you, everyone has their own way. This is why ILGM is great, it brings growers together and allows everyone to learn from one another.

Keep it simple, sometimes less is more, step back and watch them take off.


I only go In to water them. I try to keep it shut to keep the humidity up. Doesn’t work though.