"AUTOS" Day 112


So just as the title says i have a group of Red Poison “autos” that are reaching the 8ft high ceiling in my grow room.

Any advice? light cycle is 18-6
Have had a few other autos running with them and they are sitting in jars, no buds on these defiantly all females.



Switch to 12-12 cycle to help kick in flowering
Super cropping is probably your best bet to control hieght
At this point @Dab


I have a few non autos in early veg growing in the same room (different light above them) 4 lights in the room total would I put them into flower if I changed all the lights over my autos but left that one 18-6? Should I leave it 12-12


I like doing 16-8 but on my autos 12/12 all the way


16-8 i use for photos
If you still have lights on when the lights above autos goes out they will try to reach that light source so i say you be better having everything on same schedule
How early in veg ate the photos?


Some seedings others 2 weeks into veg I try to keep a cycle of seeds going